Assingment Task 3 Essay

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Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training, including how this relates to the teaching/training cycle.

Teachers in lifelong learning sector mainly take on a role of a lecturer, trainer or assessor but can be given various responsibilities. The main role of any teacher is to ensure that all learners have equal and fair access to learning resources and safe, conducive learning environment. It’s teacher’s responsibility to assess and identify various learning styles, and design the curriculum to meet the individual learners’ needs. They must be aware of guidelines and methodologies, be responsible for providing sufficient and constructive feedback, take on a role of an Internal or External Verifier, and actively manage learning resources to ensure the quality of learning experience to all learners.
In context of a learning cycle, an ICT and Employability Skills Tutor’s main responsibilities are to assess and identify learners’ needs and plan the sessions accordingly, taking into consideration their age, previous experience, learning styles and any barriers they may have (e.g. language barrier, special educational needs, disabilities). The delivery itself must be relevant and teaching resources need to be tailored to the individual needs of a learner; these would include a fair amount of demonstration and practical activities, e.g. how to operate a mouse and a keyboard, online jobsearch or application form analysis. Tutor will then be responsible to assess learners’ work. In respect of ICT or Employability Skills the assessment is formative and most of the time informal, but it’s designed to give tutor an idea how well learners’ understood the subject and what help, if any, needs to be offered to improve their skills.

Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals.

As teachers we’re presented with a “duty of care”, therefore it’s our responsibility to act professionally and maintain our obligation to learners. To do that we have to work with a range of other professionals, support staff and external bodies, especially when we have to deal with learners subjected to bullying, domestic violence, abuse, substance dependence, illness, disabilities, etc. A teacher/tutor is often exposed to the issues mentioned above and they are compelled to act upon them within the boundaries of their role. In practice it means we need to recognise when additional help is required and notify (or consult with) relevant bodies about the suspected issue. These can be colleagues, safe guarding officer, learner services, parents/carers, employment advisers or employers, local authority (incl. social services) or even police.

Explain the professional boundaries of the teaching role and summarise points of referrals to meet learners’ needs.

Gravells (2008: p79) summarises boundaries as “[…] knowing where your role as a tutor stops”. But it’s extremely important to remember, that being a teacher means being...

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