Assist With The Setup, And Disassembly Of A Basic Pa System

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Part 1: Assist with the setup, and disassembly of a basic PA system
As a group we have chosen to assist with the basic PA system setup for miking a kick drum and snare, and a mobile phone. We will be setting it up as a basic recording session, so that it won’t be too loud when we play those components. The equipment required for a basic drum kick, snare, and mobile phone PA system setup will include a kick drum and snare, phone, mixing console, mics: 2 overhead mics, kick drum mic (Shure PG52), dynamic snare mic (Shure PGA56), the clips that the mics will be attached to, power amplifiers, phone connector, cables: 4 speaker cables, 3 power cables, 4 XLR cables, front of house speakers, and fall back speakers.
The mixing console will be in the centre of the recital room, with the front of house speakers in front of the drum kit and the fall backs behind the drum kit, closer to the mixing console. The speakers will be connected to the power amplifiers with speaker cables, overhead mics...

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