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Is Beauty Helping or Hindering?
After a discussion about JonBenet Ramsey in class, I decided to further look into the issues of beauty pageants. JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was an American child beauty pageant queen who was murdered at only six years old in 1996. Her body was found in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado, only eight hours after her family reported her missing. It is believed that her murder and sexual assault was caused by the over sexualized image of girl in beauty pageants. The media often described her as "a painted baby, a sexualized toddler beauty queen.” she looked like a miniature women and not a six year old girl. The case was later opened back up and her brother was a suspect. The case still sadly remains unsolved. I believe that image portrayed at beauty pageants could be a reason for her tragic death.
My opinion is that child beauty pageants are very hurtful for girls, even in their adult years. In the documentary about Ramsey, an ex-beauty pageant participant stated, “Beauty pageants often cause long and short term effects on children. Even though they are made to be competitive “fun”, there is a clear and harsh reality of child beauty pageants and its negative impact on the young children. Child beauty pageants, this experience could be more harmful than helpful. Child beauty pageants could be more of a horrifying situation than a “horror movie”’. Beauty pageants can cause many mental issues for these young girls, especially the fear of never being “good enough”.
Child beauty pageants, range from ages three to eighteen, but some even have baby categories. These young girls are plastered on with make-up, high cheeks bones, “perfect” smiles, perfect bodies their hair is tossed and curled, all to be the “perfect” girl. The looks is as realistic as Barbie. These little girls spend the majority of their childhoods, trying to be perfect. Being everything but a child. It is proven that child beauty pageants, are often the cause of obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, eating disorders, paranoia, etc.
The child pageant business is extremely popular and lucrative. Parents spend thousands of dollars to have the best outfits, the best hair and the best make up. What is supposed to be “fun” for these children, turns more into a parenting competition on whose kid is better. Most of the young girls are being forced by their mothers to be a part of the pageants. So majority of the participants will develop self-image problems, thinking they always need the “best” to be accepted or to be pretty. Jealously issues are often an issue during and after beauty pageants. Girls may always feel like they are not good enough, or pretty physically and mentally.
The girls are taught to always be the “best” and when they are not they are losers, these girls grow up with that mentality which affects her everyday adult life. They will often have a fear of failure or losing. When they do not do their “best”, they can suffer from...

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