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Assistants From Information Technology With Our Daily Life Needs

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Assistants from Information Technology with Our Daily Life Needs

Information technology is the use of computers, telecommunication system, computer networks, and television to transfer, receive, and store information. It is avidly used in capitalism to advertise their products and company. As well as in the schooling system, to give its students the resources they need, to acquire as much information as needed or desired. I also use information technology, in various ways such as in my social life style. As well as my educational life and my professional life, for multiple reasons. And without information technology we would find it very difficult if not impossible to live certain parts of our life, let alone move forward to the future.
How information technology helps me with my social life is generally through telecommunications, such as telephones. I use telephones to get in contact with friends, relatives, as well as my employer or future employers. I also use the computers which is another kind of tool used for information technology. I use it to email my teachers or my employers my personal information and to communicate with them in a less inconvenient professional manner. As well as receive information advertising from my favorite stores or websites. For example, employers have deal with countless applicants and have little time to converse via telephone. So instead of overriding the telecommunication system, I use the computer system where he can access his email account in his spare time. Also it’s very convenient for those who don’t have access to the telecommunication system. For example, the public has the use of the public library, which has free usage of the computer system, at their disposal, but with limitations as well.
I also use information technology to assist with my educational life needs. The way that it helps is that, in school or college I will have lots of assignments, tests, quizzes, on various subjects to study for. So information technology gives me the ability to look up and access the information I need to complete all my academic responsibilities with the computer system. With the use the of computer system I can access the information in a more broad, faster and defined way. It also helps with my personal educational needs, with the use of the...

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