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Assisted Suicide And The Right To Die

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death now (National).Physician assisted suicide has been around since the beginning of time, to end the suffering of patients. This issue is still being argued whether it is right and should be passed as legislation making assisted suicide dependable. Assisted Suicide is when a physician provides all the necessary needs for a patient to commit suicide without physically doing it. For a physician, assisted suicide is when the patients have to request the act to be done and for the doctor to agree. The purpose of this research paper is to bring more awareness of physician assisted suicide and if it should be legalized.
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In making this comment Ezekiel is arguing that the patients know what they are requesting regardless of the drugs being medicated to them. The request is much deeper than drugs but a mental state that the patients want to just stop suffering and rest. Ezekiel and his team conducted a survey with oncology patients and oncologists and their experiences with physician assisted-suicide. The results of the survey were quite shocking. Majority of the patients did not request for assisted-suicide. The patients who did request suicide were mentally and physically. Surprisingly, the results begged to differ. With these results Ezekiel and his team deemed assisted-suicide to be legal. Those patients who requested the physician assisted-suicide were expressing serious depression and other mental illnesses. (Emanuel)
Just as Ezekiel survey raised many eye brows Paul Mass gives the history of assisted-suicide and how it raised many eyebrows increasingly. He states that “physician-assisted suicide has been practiced with increasing openness, although technically it remained illegal” (Paul). Suddenly, studies began to arise about physician assisted-suicide. The studies consisted of how many patients will request physician assisted-suicide and the stage of their illness. Results confirming that 34,500 requests for assisted-suicide at the later course of their disease. This is such a small number for the amount of people they conducted the survey on. This survey very much correlates with Ezekiel survey, saying that at the last days mentally the patients request for suicide. (Paul)
Most of the surveys are developing a strong case for making physician assisted-suicide legal. With Oregon legalizing physician assisted-suicide and having a system that seems to be working gives more reason to make it legal. Oregon has done a myriad of surveys and tests on whether assisted-suicide should be legalized or not. Questions regarding the safety of the patients and the ethical terms behind conducting a suicide. Oregon has set a plan to organize assisted-suicide by setting limits on who can request the act. Some of the requirements relate to eligibility, degree of the disease, and signing documents agreeing to suicide (Lee). Lee argues how physician assisted-suicide can be legal and practiced responsible. I totally agree because Oregon’s system is working just fine with a certain criteria.
Many people assume that physician assisted suicide and euthanasia are both wrong. But others say that only euthanasia is wrong because the physician is not physically committing the act. Both are still considered assisted suicide but it all depends on who is actually committing the suicide. This is where the controversy starts in deciding which is worse. For patients who are seriously ill and want the doctor to complete the act of suicide can be a bit confusing because the patient has no motivation to live. Which gives the doctor a decision on whether to physically commit the act or just...

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