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Assisted Suicide Paper The Need To Have An Understanding Of The Moral, Legal And Ethical Issues Facing Clinicians Dealing With End Of Life Issues. . .

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Assisted Suicide PaperFebruary 26, 2004AbstractThe need to have an understanding of the moral, legal and ethical issues facing clinicians dealing with end of life issues. Those who treat patients approaching the end of life often face moral, ethical, and legal issues involving shared decision-making, futility, the right to refuse medical treatment, euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide. This paper will address the following; An overview of the topic, the Pros and Cons., Existing states laws, Dr. Kevorkian's role along with patient autonomy, Sanctity of life- pain and suffering, and Doctor-patient relationship, and potential abuse.Assisted Suicide PaperThe principal problem involves the appropriate use of technology at the end of life. While developments in technology have enhanced our ability to prolong life, issues have also arisen regarding the resulting quality of life, the sometimes-marginal benefits to our patients, and the burdens that this technology imposes on patients, families, and society.Legal and ethical issues continue to confront patients, courts, and physicians. A better understanding of these issues and an awareness of the availability of effective palliative care will help physicians, patients, and families adequately address the end-of-life issues that are an intrinsic part of medical care (Leone, 1999).IntroductionMedicine's technical advances of the past few decades have cast a shadow over its long-held ethic of compassionate care. The main problem has been the appropriate use of technology at the end of life. Should it be used on everyone, regardless of the chance of a successful outcome or the burdens it imposes? If not, what ethical parameters guide the use and non-use of medical interventions? These questions are most sharp at the end of life because the burdens of intervention are often high, the benefits are marginal, and quality of life is markedly diminished.This course reviews the ethical principles that guide medical practice and then focuses on end-of-life ethical issues such as the right to life-sustaining therapy, medical futility, the distinction between killing and allowing to die, and physician-assisted suicide.Pros & ConsContained herein are the arguments for and against the legalization of doctor assisted suicide, as well as where the state courts stand in respect to this most delicate of issues. Euthanasia can be ethical, while many terminally ill patients can indefinitely relieve their suffering using effective pain management techniques; there are some patients whose pain cannot be mitigated. Rather than and/or great pain and suffering for the remainder of their life, the patient should have the applicable choice to and airlines. Despite justifiable concern of the potential abuse of euthanasia and assisted suicide, competent patient who are suffering should not be denied the option of assisted death (Rifkin, 1997).Supporters attempt to justify euthanasia, because it is done with good intentions....

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