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Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized

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Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized
Throughout the course of history, death and suffering have been a prominent topic of discussion among people everywhere. Scientists are constantly looking for ways to alleviate and/or cure the pain that comes with the process of dying. Treatments typically focus on pain management and quality of life, and include medication and various types of therapy. When traditional treatments are not able to eliminate pain and suffering or the promise of healing, patients will often consider euthanasia or assisted suicide. Assisted suicide occurs when a person is terminally ill and believes that their life is not worth living anymore. As a result of these thoughts and feelings, a physician or other person is enlisted to “assist” the patient in committing suicide. Typically this is done by administering a lethal overdose of a narcotic, antidepressant or sedative, or by combining drugs to create an adverse reaction and hasten the death of the sick patient. Though many people believe that assisted suicide is a quick and honorable way to end the sufferings of a person with a severe illness, it is, in fact, morally wrong. Assisted suicide is unethical because it takes away the value of a human life, it is murder, and it opens the door for coercion of the elderly and terminally ill to seek an untimely and premature death. Despite the common people’s beliefs, assisted suicide is wrong and shouldn’t be legalized.
One of the main reasons assisted suicide should not be considered for legalization is the fact that it reduces the value of a human life. If this act becomes legal, many people who are sick are going to begin believing that because they are ill, their life is not worth living anymore. This alone is incredibly wrong. Every human life has value, whether the person is terminally ill or not. Legalizing assisted suicide sends a message to society that if someone is old, disabled or sick, their life is no longer worth living and they are not important to humanity. Every human life has significance and value, but a law of this nature would imply that a human being’s value is based on their health, well-being and functional capacity. No matter what the condition of the person’s life, there is still value in it. Value is not predicated on physical, economic, or social status but by the mere fact that one is human (Otremba 22). However, legalizing assisted suicide would tell these people otherwise. A law pushing for the justification of assisted suicide basically says to these sick patients that because they are not “perfect”, they are not worth anything anymore. This, in reality, is far from the truth. Every human has imperfections and flaws. Does this mean that every single human should end their life once these faults are exposed? Absolutely not. The same is true for the terminally ill. Just because they are not what society views as a perfect human, they still are just as valuable as anyone else. Despite these truths,...

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