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"Assisted Suicide" Teacher Comments: Work On Transitions. Grade: 85% This Is An Argument Paper Against Assisted Suicide. Works Cited Included.

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Assisted SuicideSuicide, as well as assisted suicide, and euthanasia have been around for many years. As Michael M. Uhlmann, the editor of Last Rights, points out, assisted suicide and euthanasia are a major issue in the United States. Although it is true that in many cases assisted suicide is humane and considered a right choice, I believe that in most cases it is very wrong and under no circumstances should it be allowed. Many people that choose assisted suicide are not in the right state of mind to make such a dramatic and life changing decision. In no case should someone be allowed to assist in the killing of another person.Many people agree that under certain conditions assisted suicide should be acceptable. In many case assisted suicide is chosen by some people because they are terminally ill and they would like assistance in relieving their pain and suffering by ending their life. On the other hand, many people also choose assisted suicide because they are depressed and are seeking a way out. I believe that assisted suicide is wrong because there is more than just one person involved and I believe that no human should ever be able to legally end someone else's life. After the suicide is completed who really knows that death is really what the person wanted or needed. How is it really known that the person wishing to die had the mental ability to choose to end their life. If a suicide begins with two people and one of them comes out of the ordeal alive then that person has just committed a murder. No human should be allowed to kill another human.The American Medical Association states that there is a difference between killing and letting die and doctors nor anyone else should be allowed to cross that line. (Uhlmann 255). Derek Humphrey, the founder of the Hemlock Society and author of the best-selling how-to manual on suicide, states that assisted suicide by doctors should be allowed after realistic conditions have been met. He explains that not all suicides are due to mental illnesses or of that nature. He concludes in saying that assisted suicide, by doctors, with medicine is the right and caring thing to do. Leon R. Kass, a physician and philosopher, argues that assisted suicide by doctors or anyone else is not right. He advises that if doctors were allowed to kill their patients at their request, this would ruin or seriously alter the doctor-patient relationship. Doctors are meant to help patients with medicine, not kill them. Kass also states that aside from the doctor-patient relationship, people were not put on this earth to end the life of other people, or assist them in doing this. Regarding the doctor-patient relationship Kass concludes in saying that if doctors were allowed to assist in suicide all trust would be destroyed. (Uhlmann 253).Barry Rosenfeld, author of Assisted Suicide and the Right to Die, indicates that only highly skilled individuals, like counselors or psychologist or someone of that nature, have the ability to...

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1527 words - 6 pages those who suffer. Supporters main argument for assisted suicide is that everyone has their own freedom and self determination to decide what they want to do with their lives; others should not be able to control a persons fate. An advocate believes that assisted suicide should be allowed as long as their is no harm inflicted on others. Contrastingly, people who argue against assisted suicide have the opinion that society has a moral duty to

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1539 words - 6 pages like he or she was when they had their health, not very dignified at all. Can you blame a person for not wanting to put themselves and their families through this? A main argument against physician-assisted suicide is the poor would be more likely to choose assisted suicide than financially stable patients. This being because medical debts grow very rapidly and a person may choose to end their life when they would like to go on living, solely based

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2133 words - 9 pages treatment, then patients won’t be inclined to ask for help in taking their own lives. In addition, this goes against the argument that assisted suicide should be legal because it will result in doctors killing their patients, rather than striving to find new ways to help them. Death is the only treatment plan that can end a patient’s unbearable suffering when a cure is not an option. For that reason, if a person is thoroughly convinced that

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2772 words - 12 pages not only combat the ideals of those who do support it, but also bring quality of care and religion into account. First and foremost are the religious principles, for this argument I will use the Assemblies of God position on the issue for reference. It is believed that God created life; therefore life is viewed as a gift from God. Although the Bible has no specific details regarding medically assisted suicide, it is still considered an act against

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1966 words - 8 pages tolerable. In conclusion, assisted suicide should not be legalized because it means legalizing involuntary euthanasia and because medical professionals do not try to do their work with diagnostics and pain management well. Current laws regarding euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are calling out to the public. The time to act and to make a change is now. Works Cited Beale, Nicholas and Horner, Stuart, MD. "Non-religious Arguments against

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1742 words - 7 pages the patient to ingest the lethal drugs, and they are fully aware of what the drugs will do to them. They are also allowed to change their mind at any time. This is a choice made by the patient themselves, fully agreed to by them and it is never the choice of anyone else. Another popular argument against assisted suicide lies in religious reasons. Many religions and spiritual groups frown upon suicide, some even seeing it as being a sin. For

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1087 words - 4 pages Is the role of a medical professional to ensure the health and comfort of their patients, or to help them end their lives? Since Dr. Kevorkian assisted in the suicide of Janet Adkins in 1990, physician-assisted suicide (PAS) has been one of the most controversial issues in the medical field today. While some view it as an individual right, others view it as an unethical issue that goes against medical ethics and religious values. Mr. H. M. is

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925 words - 4 pages ravaged her hope and stole her life. The disease that caused her endless hours of pain, the disease that caused her to plead for her life, for the end. Mary is not the first and she certainly won't be the last person to ever die in pain. The truly, devastating part of this story is that Mary had a choice. She had a choice to live till the end or to avoid the pain of death and come to her end on her own terms. Assisted suicide will not only spare

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1105 words - 4 pages whatever the doctor says. The question with assisted suicide is, Should people who want to die be allowed to arrange an easy, no pain death? I believe that with the correct guidelines and laws, allowing someone to take their own life should be allowed and ratified in all states.The opposing argument does have pretty good points, but I believe that the pros of allowing assisted suicide outweigh the cons. First the opposing view saying that assisted

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874 words - 3 pages assisted in suicide will die within the next two years of the date that the person will die. So the person will not have to suffer the rest of his/her life. Assisted suicide should be legalized worldwide. If a person wants to die by their physician the physician shouldn't get charged with murder after it is done. It is a decision that should be made by a person and his/her physician. If they both agree on assisted suicide the physician should be able to assisted their patient's suicide. Assisted suicide would help many people from suffering from an illness.

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1301 words - 6 pages terminally ill competent patient who wishes to end their suffering, it is their right to do so, with the help of a doctor who is comfortable administrating the medication. But, the debate will go on, bringing me to the argument: should assisted suicide laws be changed? Dr. Jack Kevorkian was probably one of the more notable figures when speaking of assisted suicide. “Kevorkian is best known as the physician who helped dozens of people end their

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