Helping The Family Of Prisoners Essay

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1. Helping the Family of Prisoners
According to available statistics, the number of people who are incarcerated in state and federal prisons in the United States of America increases each year. Estimation indicates a 2.5 percent increase in the number of prisoners in USA from last year; it suggests a number of 2245000 inmates in all prisons in USA (Reuter). Such a rapid growth in the number of prisoners has several consequences. More prisons are built and more resources are earmarked for this objective. Also, more prisoners return to their family and community after serving their time. The expected return of the former inmates to their family and community may pose significant challenge. Family members are often intimidated by the responsibility associated with ensuring the prisoner`s return to a normal life after incarceration. Facing this challenge, they turn to community based programs for help. In order to serve the specific need of this population, the non-profit organization should rely on valuable researched-base data in order to develop specific strategies that target the population. Examples of these strategies would include the assessment of the needs and resources available in the community, the thoughtful consideration of the interventions to be implemented, and the incorporation of a system that can analyze the effectiveness of the program.
The first strategy to be used by the non-profit organization (NPO) is to make a diagnosis of the current situation of the community. In other words, it means to assess the needs and resources in the community. This step is important because within an economically disadvantaged community, families who have the loved ones in prison are unable to maintain continuous and regular visits to them1. Consequently, the relationship between the prisoner and the family members may be weakened. Also, a methodical identification of resources that are available in the community will allow the organization to work with institutions such as police department, churches, and schools, in order to strengthen the vulnerable community and in order to prevent potential safety issues that may result from a release of the prisoners in the community. More importantly, the organization should assess the degree to which the community is ready to accept the return of former prisoners. If the members of the community are not prepared to accept any former prisoners and if the organization goes ahead in the program, there is potential for conflict between the organization and the members of the community.
The second strategic step to be taken by the NPO is to consider some interventions that can strengthen the family relationship. For example, the organization can work with the administration of the prisons where family have their loved ones to allow activities that enable the members to maintain regular visits to their loved. A specific activity is to provide transportation to family members of the prisoner. This...

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