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Assisting The Country Of Vietnam Essay

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Vietnam is part of the many countries classified as third world countries. For the past decades Vietnam has been moving towards becoming a developed country by improving their living conditions and economy; but Vietnamese citizens continue to face many struggles that restrains them from having a healthy and enjoyable life. One fundamental crisis that Vietnam is suffering from is the prodigious lack of sanitation and hygiene around the country. The lack of sanitary facilities at home and public areas plus the unhygienic habitual behavior has superlative consequences in one particular group of citizens: children. The crisis that Vietnam is suffering from has serious consequences on children, it exposes them to serious, dangerous diseases that can end as a tragedy; One in four child deaths is caused by unsafe and unhealthy environments (Mathers, Stevens, and Mascarenhas 23). In addition, children are also being restrain from school due to the consequences from the unsanitary conditions they encounter. As international citizens, we must take action on behalf of Vietnam's children who have no control over the crisis they are experiencing. Every American should do the following three actions in order to help Vietnam's children who are suffering from the prodigious lack of sanitation and hygiene crisis. 1) Americans should write to the United States Agency of International Development (USAID) to urge them to add Vietnam to their water and sanitation projects and make sure that Vietnam becomes one of the particular countries for humanitarian aid. 2) Donate to the East Meets West foundation (EMW), an organization that helps solve difficult development problems in Southeast Asia and South Asia. One of the main priorities of EMW is the improvement of sanitation and clean water access through their clean water and sanitation program. Donations of any quantity can specifically be made to the clean water and sanitation program. 3) Raise awareness of the crisis and the level of importance by educating the people through any method possible, in particular through social network websites. The more people that acknowledge the struggle in Vietnam and it's effects, the more help that will be provided to change the conditions in Vietnam. Americans should take these actions because as citizens of a first world country we are privileged enough to have what Vietnam does not, access to clean water, sanitary facilities, hygiene conditions and the ability to help. We cannot take for granted the advantage we have; therefore, employing it by taking action on behalf of Vietnam's children will demonstrate that as international citizens we are doing our part to help those in need.
Having the privilege to live in a country where sanitation, hygiene, and safe water access is not a concern gives citizens the ability to have a substantial life that allows them to develop and enjoy life in greater degrees, than citizens who lack this vital necessities. Citizens in develop...

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