Associate Between Birthplace And Current Asthma: The Role Of Environment And Acculturation

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This article discusses the pattern of increasing asthma cases in children and adults living in the United States. This study published in 2014 observes major racial and ethnic groups in the US between 2001 and 2009. Utilizing the multivariate logistic regression method, results showed a positive association between asthma cases of US born citizens and non-US born who have been residents of the US 10 years or longer (Flanders, W. D., Chew, G., Oraka, E., & Iqbal, S., 2014).
In this study, 102,524 children and 255,156 adults were involved. There are 300 million cases of asthma that have been diagnosed in the world, 26.4 million live in the United States (Flanders, W. D., ...view middle of the document...

Wheezing can be heard due to the inflamed airways (Hopper & Williams, 2007).
I was shocked to find the cases of asthma grew 74% within a period of 16 years in the US (Flanders, W. D., Chew, G., Oraka, E., & Iqbal, S., 2014). When I think of asthma, I do not typically correlate issues like diet and obesity. Flanders, W. D., Chew, G., Oraka, E., & Iqbal, S. (2014) stated that Hispanic, black, white and Chinese participant that were born in the US had a higher prevalence of cases of asthma than did their counterparts who were not born in the US and explained their diet as the culprit. They mention those who had immigrated from Asia substituting their native diet that is low in sodium and high in fiber with a Western diet high in saturated fat and salt (Flanders, W. D., Chew, G., Oraka, E., & Iqbal, S., 2014). I first think of allergies as a cause for the bronchial tubes to become inflamed. It makes sense if a person begins to eat unhealthy that it will affect their overall health. If a patient is obese, it is possible to carry extra tissue and fat around the organs and throat, occluding normal flow of air into the lungs. Unhealthy diet habits and obesity may starve the body of essential nutrients it needs to function properly. The right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates allow healthy cell growth, and system regulation (Hopper & Williams, 2007). I know now how important it is to incorporate diet into the teaching of an asthma patient as well as weight control.
I was disappointed that out of their population size, only 2.5% of the children in the group were non US born, and only 15.5% of the adults were not US born. In my opinion, their sample sizes are not all that large to be making certain judgments about asthma and comparing them to people who were born in the United States. I found it interesting that many of the people in their study with asthma were poor and uninsured. They did not go into their hypothesis as to why many low income people have asthma. I figured those who had no insurance would not be as willing to seek health care therefore making the those who could afford insurance appear as though they presented more cases of asthma but that was not the case. Perhaps for the sake of the study, the researchers offered treatment for free in payment for participating in their study, therefore, receiving a larger population of uninsured participants,...

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