Association Between Social Media, Sleep Quality And Anxiety Pshychology Assignment

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This chapter reflects the general overview of the topic of study. It narrates the background of the study done previously and also the statement of problem that encourages this study. It also outline the question of this research, the objectives and also the hypotheses made based on the review of literature. The significance of the study is mentioned along with definition of variables and ends with a conclusion on the matters discussed.
The use of social network sites (SNS) or social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Wechat had become an utterly daily routine for most of the people, especially among young adults (Sheldon, 2008), with more than 90% of them using SNS (Duggan & Smith, 2013). The rapid development of SNS in a relatively short period leads to a revolution in people?s communication (Kross et al., 2013) and eventually emerge as part of the people?s culture (Schultz, 2009).
This phenomenon was similar to the time at where internet was introduced (Jones, Johnson-Yale, Perez, & Schuler, 2007). Since the year of internet being introduced, the individual?s usages of internet had gone to an extent at where addiction form of behavioral and psychological patterns similar to alcohol and gambling addiction are observable (Brenner, 1997 as cited in Xanidis & Brignell, 2016). Furthermore, studies suggested that the extensive use of internet leads to several effects on the psychological well-being such as depression, anxiety and distraction (Cardak, 2013; Ma, Li & Naoya, 2014).
The SNS which are the applications derived from the internet was found to have similarities with the internet usage in its effects towards the user (Aida Abdulahi, Behrang Samadi, & Behrooz Gharleghi, 2014). To discover the recent phenomena, researches had either used the adapted versions of the internet addiction test (Cam & Isbulan, 2012) or even develop specific scales such as the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (Andraessen, Tosheim, BrunBorg, & Pallesen, 2012) and Social Media Use Questionnaire (Xanidis & Brignell, 2016) to measure the SNS addiction. Although the recent studies suggest that there is a link between the use of SNS and the aspect of psychological well-being, including the quality of sleep, the SNS has yet to be explored extensively (Xanidis & Brignell, 2016; Woods & Scott, 2016).
Social network sites had become the central part of young people?s life. Previous studies suggested that the excessive usage of internet could lead to sleep disturbance which influence the sleep quality and is related to the anxiety level (Canan et al., 2013). Furthermore, there is an increasing supporting research finding that showed a relationship between the internet usage such as social network sites and poor sleep quality and anxiety (Ma, Li & Naoya, 2014; Xanidis & Brignell, 2015; Woods & Scott, 2016). However, the existing literature on the association between social network...

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