Collection Of 9 Different Types Of Poems

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Haiku:I walk across landAnd I find myself burningIn the hot day heatLimerick:A young man poured Grey Goose in his breeches,and spilled schnapps on his lover's pert peaches;they bought citrus fruitsand some cranberry juice,then had freshly-squeezed sex on the beaches.Sonnet:I'm leaving high school, what more can I say?Leaving these losers to follow my dream.But the only drawback to walking that wayIs writing these songs with the same damn theme.These kids here love to hear themselves talkBut never truly listen, I'm sure;But I'm not just ranting on how students squawk:Wielding the meter stick doesn't make you mature...But perhaps you're supposed to laugh in this placeThe teen state of mind seems to twist things aroundTill you're in a fun house being taught by clown-facesAnd it's just too easy to laugh right out loud!In conclusion, I believe it safe to sayI'm not going to miss these high school days.Ballad:It's Monday morning and we're back to hell,instead of only spending eight away, we spent twelve.The break was the shit, and sleeping in was cool,but all anyone today can say is, "fuck school!"I wanted to kick the shit out of my alarm as it took me out of my bed,but I figured I'd rather hunt down the school administration and kill them instead.I'd end up in jail, so I guess it would be my loss,But at least I'd get my point across.So I napped first period, then stayed unconscious in English,but my teacher whacked me on the head, and looked pretty pissed.So when the minute hand moved, and the bell let out a ringer,I left the classroom as I gracefully gave him the finger.This day blows, so everyone let their heads explore,back to what we were doing, only one week before.We'd hang out with friends,...

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