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Asthma: A Major Health Concern Essay

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My major is nursing. I plan to graduate in the coming years with associates; I plan to continue my education for a bachelor’s. I live in Greenpoint (UHF) 201 which is a highly polluted area. Greenpoint is actually considered a Superfund site. A Superfund site is an unstable or abandoned place where hazardous waste is located, which can have a dangerous effect on the local ecosystems or people. Asthma is a major health issue. The population in Brooklyn is 2,504,700 with a median household income of $43,567. The demographics in Brooklyn consist of 42.8% non-Hispanic white, 34.3% non-Hispanic black, and 19.8% Hispanic and10.5% Asian. In 2000, Greenpoint had a very high poverty rate compared to ...view middle of the document...

The amount of people that visit emergency room because of asthma is 70.3% to 100%. The percent of people that are uninsured is 15.1%-22.9%. Some people have bad habits that affect their asthma like smoking; 14.8%-17.7% are current smokers.
Place is one of the key determinants of health. Where you live can greatly affect your health. Greenpoint is a highly contaminated area which has a history of oil spills, and heavy truck traffic due to being near waste transfer stations. Waste transfer stations are facilities where city waste is unloaded from garbage trucks, then sent to landfills. Having a transfer station in the community has a negative effect; an increment in truck traffic resulting in more truck pollution. Because of development, there’s a lot of construction and demolition going on in Greenpoint which might increase the risk of exposure to dust to people with asthma. Construction jobs are usually done in summer season because it’s usually easier to work, which is also the season people are usually outside.
Health services are a very important determinant of health. Health services provide public medical care. It’s crucial to be educated on health insurance and to have it if you want medication or ability to visit the doctor. Brooklyn compared to the other boroughs is the worst in people not having health insurance. In Greenpoint 15.4%-23%. of residents don’t have health insurance. In Greenpoint 70.3%- 100% of residents frequently visit the emergency room for asthma. The nearest emergency room is Woodhull hospital located in Williamsburg. Because Greenpoint lacks health centers, most people go to Bellevue hospital. Not having a health center in the community creates problems, like residents being lazy to visit the doctor because of transportation. No 24 hour health centers are available Greenpoint either. The percentile of residents in Greenpoint to be told they have asthma by a health professional is 8.5%-10% which seems unreliable when you look at the following statistics of emergency...

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