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Asthma During Pregnancy: Essay

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Asthma in pregnancy is a common problem. Women, who never had asthmatic tendencies, may also experience them for the first time. Although, there are several treatments and handy home remedies to cure it, one must take the basic precautions to prevent asthma during pregnancy.

Asthma may be a common problem to many women. In most cases, they do not know how to deal with asthma during pregnancy. Although there is no doubt that severe asthma attack can be harmful for your pregnancy, it can however be resolved with proper treatment.

Causes of asthma during pregnancy:
Asthma is a result of chronic inflammation of those airways and tubes that supply air to the lungs. It may be cause due to
 Allergic trigger for a prolonged period of time
 Smoking, that causes blockade to the airways
 Upper respiratory infection like cold or bronchitis
 Pollution and dust
 Exercise schedules or excessive exertions
 Genetic reasons

Impact of asthma during pregnancy:
1. Asthma during pregnancy can take the form of shortness of breathe, difficulty in breathing, coughing and wheezing.
2. If asthma is not controlled during pregnancy, then it can result in premature delivery of the baby and occasionally prenatal death of the fetus.
3. The baby may be born premature, small, and underweight.
4. Asthma attacks can reduce the oxygen supply to your baby and it may feel suffocated, and be under danger.
5. Untreated asthma in pregnancy can result in hypertension and preeclampsia, putting the baby at risk.
6. The high blood pressure caused during asthma can affect your kidney, placenta and liver
7. The mother may has to go through unexpected labor pain during labor, which is pacified by induction

Many women, who have experienced asthma before pregnancy, and are under medication, tend to terminate the medicines, as they assume them to be harmful for the fetus. They should take such actions under the consent of the doctor. In most cases, it has been found, that the adversities of asthma drugs on the baby, is several times less as compared to the asthma attack itself. Attack of asthma during pregnancy should be avoided.
However, every cloud has a silver lining, and so has asthma during pregnancy. It has been found that in most cases, asthmatic woman improves this tendency while they are pregnant. In fact pregnancy can actually cure asthmatic tendency several folds. Again, one third of them may get worse during this period. For them, there are the following solutions:

How to prevent and treat asthma during pregnancy
Many women may fall prey to this disease all of a sudden during pregnancy, even if they never experienced it before. Therefore, the best way to avoid asthma during pregnancy, is by taking enough...

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