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Aston Hall was built by Sir Thomas Holte (1571-1645) in the seventeenth century. Construction on the hall began in 1618 and after eighteen years of construction that hall was completed in 1635. It is situated in a small town called Aston in Birmingham. Back when the hall was first built, Aston was known as a small village near the city. It was much more important than Birmingham was. Across the hall was Parish church, which still lies there and today, seven miles away is the Birmingham airport. Also surrounding the hall was Aston Park, which has decreased in size from how it was. The park used to be eight times larger in size that it is today and the River Tames was also near the hall when it was first built.

The Jacobean mansion which is now being used as a museum and under the ownership of the Birmingham City Council was built by Sir Thomas Holte for him and his family. Holte wanted to show off the status and wealth he had and he felt that building the grand hall was the way to do it. He wanted the hall to illustrate his power after he received his baronet from the King and he also wanted the hall to stay within his family for the next two hundred years to continue his family’s dynasty. After he died, Holte was forced to pass the hall over to Robert, who the son of his son, Edward. Shortly after his death, Robert lost the hall to James Watt junior and later on, the council got the full ownership of the hall and they still do.

To build his magnificent hall, Holte got John Thorpe to design and construct it. John Thorpe was seen as a fashionable architect in those days and only the people with wealth would be able to use him and this too, showed off Sir Thomas’s wealth. Sir Thomas met John when he was in London during his usual trips to the city. When construction on the house was complete, John Thorpe never really got the chance to see that hall and after seventeen years of being built, the hall also seemed out of fashion. The brick colour and the type of design seemed to belong to the previous century so it had to have more construction done to it. Aston Hall was built on top a hill and Thomas Holte wanted it positioned there so he had a great view of his other estates and so that not only the people of Aston, but tourists and everybody else were in clear view of his masterpiece. He didn’t want to be forgotten after he died. Although he lived to an amazing age of 83, Sir Thomas Holte wanted him and his family name to stay immortal after he died. He felt that the hall could do this for him; when people walk past Aston Park today, the hall is in clear view to them and even when the football matches are played at Aston Villa Football ground. People who have travelled from other parts of the country won’t be able to help but notice the grand mansion. Even way back in the days when Lichfield Road was used by a lot of people when they were going through Birmingham, Aston Hall would be conspicuous and obviously, impressive to anybody going...

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