Astrology: Real Or Hoax? Essay

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Most of people outlooks on paranormal activity have come from movies and books (Ghare, 2007). Their outlook makes them question whether or not paranormal activity exist (Ghare, 2007). Modern technology has provided evidence that supports the existence of paranormal activity (Ghare, 2007). Paranormal activity is the ability to see, hear, or communicate with someone who has passed. (Children Experiencing Paranormal Activity, 2014). Paranormal activity also means that a phenomenon that cannot be explained by scientific theories (Ghare, 2007).
There are several causes of paranormal activity. Most of the time spirits need to communicate with a family member because they did not have the opportunity to do it when they were living (Possible Causes of Paranormal Actvity, 2014). They may have business to handle (Possible Causes of Paranormal Actvity, 2014). They also reject the idea that they have departed from their physical body (Possible Causes of Paranormal Actvity, 2014). Spirits may attach themselves to property and would not want to let it go (Possible Causes of Paranormal Actvity, 2014). When there is negative energy in the house, demonic spirits may enter and haunt the home (Possible Causes of Paranormal Actvity, 2014).
Astrology is the study of the influence that stars and planets have on a people’s lives. It is said that the position of the planets, sun, stars, and moons at the time of their birth affects their personality, their personal relationships, and predict other things (Hughes, 2011).Astrology can help find a solution for a circumstance or predication (What is Astrology, 2012). Each sign of astrology represents the different features of a human. Astrology can be recognized as a philosophy to help explain life (Understanding Astrology, 2014).
There are three types of astrology: mundane astrology, interrogatory astrology, and natal astrology. Mundane astrology examines world events and makes predictions about national interactions, wars, and economies. Interrogatory astrology makes predictions about the event that occurs in a person’s life. Natal astrology makes predictions based on the person’s birth date (Grabianowski, 2005). These branches each have the Horoscope in common. A horoscope is a map of the sky at a specific location on Earth (What is Astrology, 2012).
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According to Ansleigh, she does not believe in horoscopes . She says that she was raised to be a Christian and was not taught to believe in such things. She says that she is a Cancer and other people that she knows, who are Cancers, do not have anything in their personalities alike. She says that she read the horoscopes for entertainment. She also believes that horoscopes should be the same everywhere in the world if it was real (Ansleigh, 2013).
Account 2
According to Kyssel, she believes in horoscopes. She read them every day and believes that they show true facts and are real. According to Kyssel, she read her cousin horoscope one...

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