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Astronauts And Space Food Essay

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Space food are variety of food that are created and processed for consumption by astronauts in outer space. The NASA early astronauts had to eat in space in order to do a testament. John Glenn was the first American man who went on the moon who ate in a space environment that was weightless, and discovered that the task of eating was fairly easy. Several astronauts ate items that were bite-sized cubes, made from powders and semi liquids which were wrapped in aluminum tubes. Most astronauts agreed that the foods were not fulfilling or unappetizing and dislike the fact that they had to squeeze the food from tube like items. Moreover, the food was hard to rehydrate and crumbs had to be ...view middle of the document...

They are made with the required supplements which is needed in space. Additionally, each formula is recreated differently for both women and men by weight, kilograms, height in centimeters and the age of the person. The astronauts had opportunity to substitute foods that are to their taste which are designed by the shuttle. They had the opportunity to design their own menus as well. Which was checked by a dietician prior to approval because astronauts were expected to consume a balance diet each day.
The foods were prepared on the space shuttle in a galley installed in the mid-deck. The galley is similar to a kitchen that contains water dispenser and an oven. It was used for rehydrating foods and warming foods that were cold. On the other hand, before all the equipment or technology they were unable to warm their food and were unable to strap their food down. Furthermore, the most intriguing thing is while a person may put their food on their lap or table. An astronaut may have to strap or attach it to a wall; they cannot open more than one container at a time because it should be completely consumed before opening another. Let alone, the tray may hold packages in place so it can be keep from floating away in the microgravity of space. Therefore, crumbs are good in microgravity because they are usually floating around getting into electronics. However, there is a crew in Houston Texas that makes tortillas that doesn’t create crumbs which is design for astronauts.

There is also a laboratory where the space foods are being made in Houston, Texas. Some of the foods that we ate are sometimes created for the space ship. As for the holiday while many of us maybe eating with our families on thanksgiving. Astronaut’s six crew member will be enjoying their thanksgiving in space within 260 miles above Earth. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t eating the traditional thanksgiving meals. But there meals will features foods such as: cornbread dressing, home-style yams, cranberries, cherry-blueberry cobbler, and smoked turkey just like any other thanksgiving dinner.
On the other hand, Vicki Kloeris has been involved with space for since 1968 as a food development scientist, and has been taken part in the food system since January of 2000. She was responsible for everything that goes on in the space station with regards to food. She was also entitled in the Texas Space Center and managed the food system laboratory. Kloeris is in charge of the United States flight food shipments and new food items development regarding to the stations food system. Furthermore, The NASA goal was to enhance the shelf life of food that was needed on the space mission, and...

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