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Aswan Is A Great City Essay

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Aswan is a greatest state in Egypt, so the tourists come for it from all over the world to see lot of monuments of the ancient Egyptian. Actually Aswan is large Archeological state because of in one day it were the Capital of Egypt. When you walking in Aswan you see a lot of a amazing places and monuments ,you can see the Templates such as aAbo simpl , Edfo,kalabsha and other templates not that only ,but also there are ancient Tombs like El kapish El-mokats in addition of many tombs related to the Fatemyeen which located in the south of Aswan.

No one can forget the islands of Aswan such as El-felah, the plants island and the El-fetan island which consider it was the center of ivory ...view middle of the document...

Aswan is a large city is include very big civilization, it was the capital of Egypt in the days of the ancient Egyptian and it's the place which training the Egyptian army to win the war against the Haksos on the hand of Ahmos the Egyptian hero who's returned the power of Egypt. Also Aswan have turn in others civilization because of it's located in the border of Egypt which necessary to protect it from the enemy and of course it's riches which consist of the sources of the Nile ,Lands and monuments .

The people who's live in Aswan are different from people live in other thing and we can see that in many things ,first from the language they didn't speak Arabic like other people who live in every where inside Egypt,the topic here is very different although Arabic is the first language in all over Egypt,but in Aswan Arabic consider the second language which come after the first original language they spokes which related to the old civilization in Egypt like some people say and there is other say that it the language which come after the old Egyptian language directly .However, one of the...

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