Asylum Seekers: The Comparison Of Two Sides

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Asylum Seekers: The Comparison of Two Sides

· The points of view that the suns newspaper report are trying to
express are that the immigrants are entering the country under false
pretences “falsely claming benefits” which angers there readers
because they were lead to believe that they were entering the country
to flee from poverty and war. From the instance that the audience
picks up the paper the headlines for the article is “Read this article
and get angry” with a picture of 4 illegal immigrants taking a leap of
freedom over a barbed wire fence. So by analysing the headline the
intention of this article is to anger the reader.

· The Guardians report is based more on making you fell sympathetic
for the immigrants, as it is written by a lady whose grandfather fled
the world war as an immigrant. As she believes that the immigrants
should be more “tolerated” but she does not mention all off the other
immigrants that have not left their country as they have risks of
loosing there lives.

· The Suns newspaper article is intentionally written to anger the
British reader. We no this from the Heading “read this and get angry”
in dark bold font. “The UK has become a doormat for the world to wipe
its feet on” saying anyone is welcome, “swarm into Britain” saying
they are coming to fast to handle and “they take an advantage” this
means that they have are getting priority over people who have lived
in the country for years, and also they come over hear as they are
aware of the free national health care and social benefits they will

· The language used by the guardian is more measure and it doesn’t
just have a list of all the bad faults about the immigrants. The
guardian is more of a debated article over these immigrants. The
guardian highlight emotional scenarios like why certain people flee
their poverty driven countries as if all of the immigrants are in the
same situations, which would be acceptable, but not just for the
handouts. The language that the guardian uses is for the immigrant as
they portray the immigrant as people fighting to survive.

The readers of The Guardian are tending to be more upper class where
as the sun is aimed more at working class people. The language used in
the guardian is complicating making it baffling to lower/middle class
people, so they so not really read it.

· The other techniques that “The Sun” uses to persuade the readers,
that the immigrants are bad for the country are essential into
ensuring that the citizens who are reading the article actually take
notice, of what they thought was just a minor issue. They use such
techniques as photos, large fonts and graphs. These are much more
effective because many of the readers may just be interested in the
page for its pictures and colour more than the...

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