At First Sight And The Life Of Jeremy Marsh

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Life can change in the blink of an eye. Nicholas Sparks tells the life of a young couple with many struggles in his book, At First Sight, which was published in 2005 by Grand Central Publishing. This is a fictional love story that can be read by any young adult. This novel can be compared to The Wedding, which is another Nicholas Sparks book. These two books are similar because each book is character-driven and has a twisted end. At First Sight is a successful book because it strongly describes the setting, goes in depth with the events, and keeps the readers guessing.
It all started when Jeremy Marsh went to Boone Creek, North Carolina to find a topic to write about for his article in a magazine, Scientific American. He wanted a meritorious article that would out shine his other articles which were jaded. Jeremy then met Lexie which made him lose focus about writing. He spent a good amount of time with Lexie and then he found out they were going to be parents. Jeremy was so ferment that he asked her to marry him. Jeremy then went back to his hometown of New York to pack his things and move in with Lexie. His friend, Alvin, thinks Jeremy is rushing into the relationship and tries to expostulate him out of it. Alvin says, “You’re just rushing things, and there’s no reason to” (Sparks 9). Jeremy pays no attention to what Alvin says and keeps his decision.
Jeremy and Lexie get to Boone Creek. Boone Creek is such a nominal town he nearly missed the turn to get there the first time he visited. The whole reason he visited was because of Doris, Lexie’s occult grandmother. Jeremy and Lexie came by the restaurant she owned called the Herb to tell her about the marriage and the baby. Jeremy wondered about how good of a father he would be, while Doris and Lexie spoke. Lexie went home and Jeremy went to Greenleaf. He stayed there since they were not married yet. The next day, Jeremy and Lexie drive to a car dealership and Jeremy picks out a sporty-two door convertible. Lexie says, “Where would we put the baby seat” (Sparks 59)? Jeremy then knew he would not be getting his dream car. They end up buying a four-door sedan, yet they also needed to buy a house since Lexie’s was small. They spent three-weeks looking for a house, eventually Lexie wheedled Jeremy into buying the one she liked best. It needed construction, so it would be awhile until they could move in.
Jeremy decides to surprise Lexie at the library where she works, but she is not there. Jeremey thinks she just went to the Herb or ran errands. He drives through town and sees her car by a dumpster near a pizza parlor. He grabs the flowers and goes to surprise her, but she is not alone. She is with Rodney who still has a crush on her and they are holding hands. He reminds himself, “…they are just friends” (Sparks 88). He drives to Lexie’s house and waits for her to get home. They go out to dinner and Jeremy ignores to say anything about what he saw earlier that day. Lexie takes him home and...

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