External Environment In At&T Essay

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External Environment
In order to achieve the goals which is being most successful in the telecommunication industry, AT&T have concern about their external environment. The external environment can influence their guideline while running their business because it can be the bench mark for the company to gain more profit and becoming better than the others. Consequently, the AT&T company had analyze and focusing on the external environment to understanding their market and condition of the company. Therefore, the six segment such as technological, global, sociocultural, economic, demographic and political/legal are the segment that help the company to have better understanding about their general environment.
General Environment
Technological Segment
The changes in the technological can influence many part of societies. When the AT&T Company introduce their new product and services which is wireless and wire line technology will effects occur primarily through the new products, processes, and materials. Thus, changes in technological also often can achieve higher market share and earn higher return because, newly emerging technology from AT&T could derive competitive advantages. For example, internet today becoming more remarkable capability to provide information easily, quickly, effectively, and also can create more value for customer in the future and to anticipate future trends.
Global Segment
Global segment include relevant new global markets, existing market that are changing, important international political events, and critical cultural and institutional characteristic of global market. When company entering the global, it automatically can increasing number of people believe or consumer in the multiple nation and this situation encourage to have new customer and get new target market. At the same time, when entering the global market will faces with opportunity and threats. To reduces the treats AT&T had used strategy global focusing where the company build on and use their special competencies and resources while limiting their risk within the position market. Thus, the company should recognize their sociocultural and institutional attributes.
Social Cultural Statement
The company concern with society attitude and cultural values of their workers because attitude and value form the foundation of the society, they often derive demographic, political or legal, and technological changes and condition. The growing of gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity in the workforce creates the challenges and opportunity and at the same time, combining both men and women traditional leadership style. For example, AT&T company encourage ,their worker either men or women who are best performance while working can get the changes to be leader .These show that they practice to have successfully manage diversity attitudes to enhance positive outcome. Therefore, knowledge sharing is important for dispersing new knowledge in the organizational and...

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