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Company Overview
In 1875 AT&T began its company, which was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Graham had help in forming this global company from two men, Gardiner Hubbard and Thomas Sanders financially. Bell being the inventor tried and successfully invented a talking telegraph. In the few years to follow, Bell earned patents and in 1877 the three men formed the Bell Telephone Company to display the new invention, the telephone. In 1878 the first telephone exchange took place under license from Bell Telephone in New Haven, CT. Within the first three years, telephone exchanges existed only in major cities and towns in the United States and operated under the license, American Bell Telephone ...view middle of the document...

Some places got their first telephone services while others received competing telephone companies. But the multiplicity of telephone companies produced a new set of problems -- there was no interconnection, subscribers to different telephone companies could not call each other. This situation only began to be resolved after 1913.
In the early 1900s, AT&T started to enlarge it field of business as it started exports its products and services. Through the Western Electric Company, its manufacturing partner, AT&T sold hardware and connected companies. Through this they expanded their network and placed a lot more of there products on the world market. These companies also sold equipment imported from the AT&T and its subsidiaries. By 1914, International Western Electric Company locations included grew to over 12 of the largest cities in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.
In 1925, Walter Gifford, new president of AT&T, decided that AT&T and the Bell System should concentrate on its goal to create a universal for The US, and so he sold AT&T’s stake in the International Western Electric Company to the newly formed International Telephone and Telegraph Company (ITT) for $33 million in 1925. Keeping only AT&T's interests in Canada. Although AT&T retreated from international manufacture, it tried to maintain an international presence through its drive to provide a global telephone service to customers in the U.S.
In 1927, AT&T commenced its commercial transatlantic telephone service to London via two-way radio. At first, these calls cost seventy-five dollars each for 180 seconds of calling time. Service spread to other countries, both via London and through direct radio links. Radiotelephone service to Hawaii began in 1931, and to Tokyo in 1934. Telephone service via available radio technology was far from ideal: it was subject to fading and interference, and had strictly limited capacity. In 1956, service to Europe moved to the first transatlantic submarine telephone cable.
Over the years AT&T's Bell System was rated the best telephone system in the world. The system made steady progress towards its goal of universal service. Fifty percent of America’s homes had a telephone by 1945, seventy percent in 1955, and ninety percent in 1969.
In September 20, 1995, AT&T announced that it was restructuring into three separate publicly traded companies. A systems and equipment company named Lucent Technologies. A computer company named NCR and a communications services company named which held onto the AT&T name. It was the largest voluntary break-up in the history of American business at the time. Lucent became independent on September 30, 1996 and NCR followed on January 1, 1997. The new AT&T began evolving from a long distance company to an integrated voice and data communications company, as an ever-increasing percentage of the traffic on its network was data, rather than voice, because of an ever-growing computer industry that...

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