A History Of The At&T Stadium

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The Dallas Cowboys, America’s football team, one of the most well known professional football franchises in the sport’s history. The Cowboys own five super bowl titles, which were won in ’71, ’77, ’92, ’93 and ’95. They are also home to 19 renowned individuals who have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame including standout football stars Tony Dorsett, Emmit Smith, and Troy Aikman. Established in 1960, the Cowboys have been a dominating force on the field and still continue to produce to this day. Forbes wrote, “The Cowboys franchise value reaches over 1.85 billion and are listed as the third most valued sports team in the world”, (Page 1). With all of this hype and world wide recognition the powerhouse from Dallas needs a venue just as prominent as the team itself as well as having the capability to hold all the weight the Cowboys name carries.
-The Venue-
Prior to the current stadium, the Cowboys’ home was one of the most recognizable professional sports stadiums of its time. According to Stadiums of Pro Football, “Texas Stadium, seated nearly 66,000 fans and was known for its partial roof where weather conditions could play a factor in each game,” (Page 1). Stated in the official Irving, Texas fact sheet pertaining to Texas Stadium “the stadium was constructed at a cost of 35 million and lasted from its opening date in 1971 until it was closed in December of 2008,” (Page 2). The new stadium built to replace Texas Stadium in 2009 named Cowboys Stadium, is luxurious to say the least, not to mention it is practically brand new. Altough 4 years later reported by Star Telegram, “Cowboys Stadium would now be known as AT&T Stadium under a multimillion-dollar naming-rights deal between the iconic football team and the Dallas-based telecommunications giant,” (Page 2). The stadium was already partners with one of America’s leading phone service companies a few years after it was constructed. ESPN stated, “Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted to make his mark when it came to building a stadium to replace Texas Stadium. And he didn't disappoint. Everything is Texas-sized. Construction costs reaching 1.15 billion dollars, “Jerry’s World” has main seating capacity of 80,000 but is expandable to seat nearly 110,000 fans for large events such as the Super Bowl.” AT&T Stadium is also known for having “the largest retractable roof on the planet, which when closed makes the facility the largest enclosed NFL stadium”, (Page 1). AT&T stated that the venue holds the largest high definition television to top off the stadium’s list of key attributes, “weighing around 600 tons with 4 total HDTV’s with the largest being 160 feet by 72 feet”, (Page 1).
Not only did AT&T Stadium hold the Cowboys’ home games but they held other sporting events as well as entertainment events to boot. The opening event held in the stadium, CBS reported, “June 6, 2009: Country music star George Strait along with Reba McEntire headlined the first event in the new stadium,” (Page 3). The...

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