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At The Request Of The Board Of Director's, The Economics' And Marketing Department Created A Report For Shareholders To Examine The Economic And Business Impact Of

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IntroductionAt the request of the Board of Director's, the economics' and marketing department created a report for shareholders to examine the economic and business impact of implementing a wireless solution for on-line bill payment. The purpose of the paper illustrates competitive issues and economic assessments that ultimately affect profits. It does this by examining the practices of two major players within the wireless and on-line bill paying industry, Skytel and First Union.The paper examines the competitive, market, operational, economic affects on supply and demand, as well as conditions of the new economy. It focuses on the financial aspect of electronic transactions and other types of e-bill payments. First Union like other companies trying to cash in the electronic world are all offering some form of wireless services to better serve the consumers. After a the paper identifies major competitors, it describes market and distribution transactions, explains the significance of production inputs, and identifies economic factors that may influence supply or demand, resulting pricing strategy, and the effect of the new economy. The final section concludes the paper.Wireless CompetitionIntroductionNobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz writes, "The presentation of the basic competitive model has long been the standard fare of the principles of microeconomics. No student can understand modern economics without a thorough understanding of this basic model." Market forces shape industries and govern competition (Evens and Leder, 1999). Most companies determine prices based on their production costs, consumer demand, and industry competition (Evens and Leder, 1999).BackgroundSkyTel Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of WorldCom, which provides traditional paging, text messaging, interactive two-way messaging and wireless telemetry services to more than 1.8 million customers, including more than 105,000 corporate accounts. SkyTel offers SkyPager numeric paging, SkyWriter interactive two-way messaging, plus wireless email solutions like SkyTel Mobile Mail and BlackBerry. Similarly, First Union is also a company offering its consumer online or wireless financial services. First Union, like many other financial institutions are beginning to offer financial services electronically. Moreover, First Union is a mid-sized financial service company offering different types of the financial services.Identification of CompetitorsCompetitor AArch Wireless (formerly Arch Communications) has gone from being the second-largest independent paging company in the US to #1 by buying bankrupt Page Net, the former market leader. (Metrocall is now #2.) Arch offers numeric and alphanumeric paging, interactive messaging, voice mail, and wireless e-mail. The company, which operates throughout the US and in the Caribbean, has more than 8.5 million messaging units in service, including about 334,000 two-way units. However, as the paging industry continues to struggle against...

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