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My athlete is Todd Marinovich, and I chose him because he played for USC, which is my favorite college team. Todd Marinovich was one of the most talented, and controversial athlete to ever play the game of football. From the time he was born, he was trained to be the perfect athlete from his father Marv Marinovich. Marv, was a former NFL and USC football player, as well as a renounced strength and conditioning coach, who attempted to engineer the greatest quarterback who ever lived in his son.
From the time Todd was born he was training to become the best quarterback alive. Under Marvʻs unique and intense training Todd Marinovich became one of the most physically fit, athletic, and technical player the game has ever seen. In fact, he was dubbed Robo quarterback in high school. Marv managed every aspect of Toddʻs life, whether it be school, training regiment, or even diet. He never went to McDonalds, never had a slice of birthday cake, and never drank soda. Todd was recruited by many schools in high school, but decided to attend Mater Dei, a quarterback driven school with close ties to USC. Todd seemed to have everything, the athleticism, the technique, the work ethic, except, he had one weakness, pressure. The sky was the limit with him, and he was widely publicized and had extremely high expectations, which got to him. In high school Todd began experimenting with drugs and alchol, trying to escape his life. Toddʻs new lifestyle began affecting his athletics. His performance level dropped as Todd got deeper and deeper into drugs. At school he was no longer referred to as Todd Marinovich, but rather Todd Marajuannavich. However, even with the recent drop in performance level, it didnʻt stop college schools recruiting him. He decided to attend USC, the same school as his father to play quarterback. After redshirting his first year at USC, Todd was under intense pressure as the expectations were sky high. It was believed he would be the sure starter, but after underperforming in spring training he was second on the depth chart behind Pat OʻHara. College was too much for Todd, torn between the freedom it offered and his fathers teachings, Todd fell into deeper and deeper stress and anxioty, causing him to drink and use drugs more often. He...

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