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Different Types of Athletes
     Between the indifferent and the protestor, we find a marvelous creature called an athlete whose species is varied into many different types; the marshmallow, the jelly bean, and the rock. Athletes can be found everywhere- in the classroom, locker room, the gym, the thick of the game, and in church. Places people will not find athletes are up late, in bars, missing church, in trouble, or being disrespectful to his elders. An athlete is made of wondrous stuff. Athletes have the eyes and the steadiness of an architect, the muscles of a body builder, the speed of a bullet, the reflexes of a cat, the heart of a lion, and the faith of a saint. To his coach an athlete is a modeled player, a perfectionist to be encouraged, a student to be taught, and a dream come true. To his teammates an athlete is a hard worker, unselfish, modest, determined, and understands the meaning of teamwork. To himself the athlete is never good enough, aware that he is an example to others, the reason his team lost, but never why they won. An athlete is an amazing being. People may dislike him, but you have to admire his performance; doubt his capabilities, but never his courage; question his efficiency, but never his effort. People might be able to defeat the athlete, but never make him quit.
     The marshmallow athletes are the ones who do not care if they are on the team or not. A marshmallow is soft on the outside and soft on the inside. They are out there just to have a uniform, cleats, and to say they are part of a team. Usually these types are the easiest to find not only by the players, but the coaches. These are the types who do not try hard or give a 100 percent. They do not work hard in the weight room, on the field, or in the class room. When a marshmallow comes to mind think about this type of athlete because they are soft on the inside and soft on the outside....

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