Athletes And Drugs Should Not Mix

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Many professional athletes have used performance enhancing drugs to make them better at what they do, at what cost? Many lose achievements or get kicked out of the sport completely as these drugs are banned from use, for good reason. Professional athletes should not use performance enhancing drugs as it does not set a good image for being a role model, it is still illegal in the fact athletes are not above the law, and we should try to keep games fair for all.
Being a professional athlete comes with certain things. One of these being a widely televised individual. People see these stars and admire them. They are role models for countless young people. And what happens when one of these athletes is discovered doing drugs? It completely ruins those who follow these people. Young kids feel deceived that what they felt was amazing was a just a fallacy. It teaches them that cheating is okay. These young minds have been taught all their lives that cheating is wrong, and then the person they look up to does exactly that. They lose a view of the correct direction in life. Some even get the idea that doing drugs themselves is okay. Young athletes might start doing steroids because of the positive effects it has on their favorite athlete. In fact as many as 1 in 20 teen athletes have used steroids (“Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Teen Athletes” 1). To think all this could be stopped by preventing professional athletes from doing drugs, achieved by simply conducting drug tests.
These mandatory tests are not infringing on anyone’s rights. These drugs are quite often illegal, so if you are truly worried about the law, you should be abiding by it as it is, thus you have nothing to worry about. Just because these athletes are popular and are role models, does not mean they should not be punished. Athletes need to be cracked down on to show the rest of the world that this is truly wrong. And for every athlete who does drugs, there is another person supplying...

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