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Athletes And Sports Essay

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As a parent, all you ever want your kids to do is grow up and be something great. Parents expect their kids to have dreams of becoming a lawyer or majoring in topics like business and medicine. They don’t realize that some kids have goals like playing baseball in the major leagues or becoming a great fisherman that is on television. Not all kids have the same mind-set. People of all ages, all around the world, enjoy either watching or playing sports.
In “Organized Sports Can Benefit Children,” David Brooks argues that sports are healthy for children, helping them build character and showing them leadership skills. David points out that sports can teach a kid responsibility in a variety of ways. For example, it’s easy to slack off in a classroom full of kids who don’t have much care for their own grades. Some students find disrespecting teachers and talking back to their parents cool and amusing. Teachers don’t take action into this bad behavior and assume its okay because of their young age. “You rarely see a teacher tell a kid to tuck in his shirt or have pride in his appearance, but coaches do it all the time” (Brooks). Coaches expect different from their players. They expect their players to keep a passing grade point average. If their grade point average doesn’t meet the requirements, they are not allowed to play. They want the players to show nothing but respect towards them. Any form of talking back or disrespect can lead to some kind of punishment, like running laps or push-ups. This teaches the players discipline and to treat others with respect.
Not only can sports teach you great life characteristics, it can also get you into a good college. Student athletes in high school dream of getting scholarships for the sport they play. Getting a full ride to a college just for being phenomenal at a sport must be a great feeling. Many coaches who know what to look for are hired as scouts to visit high schools and evaluate any players with great potential. Various players who get recruited into college do not have the academic background required to succeed, but still get accepted for their athletic abilities. “At both the high school and college level, players may be steered to easy classes and receive special treatment in how they are graded. Such "help" may cost them an education” (Athletes and Sports). Out of all the college athletes out there, most of them will tell you that they play to get drafted into the professional league and get paid. Sadly, only a small amount of athletes accomplish this goal.
Becoming a professional athlete takes some serious hard work. You would assume that they make great role models for your kids, right? In “Parents Should Not Rely on Athletes as Role Models,” Anthony Stalter describes how athletes aren’t always how they seem on television:
In a time when sports are widely televised and reported, it's easy for parents to encourage their children to emulate the athletes they see and hear so much about. What...

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