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The NCAA is an association for college athletes. As time has passed the NCAA has begun to look and function like a business. This image has begun to create debates on whether college athletes should be paid or not. The NCAA has generated a significant amount of money off of the duties of college athletes. Therefore, since college athletes create a large sum of money for the NCAA, it will only make sense that the college athletes receive money as well.
College athletes make plenty of money for the NCAA and they don’t receive as much as they deserve. Without the athletes, the NCAA would not be able to make TV deals nor generate any money at all. The NCAA made $770 million in TV right deals alone off of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, “March Madness”. How much of that money went to the athletes? None at all. The NCAA makes money off the athletes in many other areas. John Brill, in his article “Should College Athletes be Paid?” informs ...view middle of the document...

Also, the college athletes are busy most the time either with school or the sport; they hardly acquire any time to be with their family. College athletes most likely are stressful and they deserve to have their alone time. If the athletes have to put so much time into the sport while they also have other things to care for, they should at least be given pay for it. School is important for the athletes and because of the sport they don’t receive the education they want. John Brill states that,” The athletes cannot acquire the same value out of the education as a result of the already intense time commitment to the sport that has given them the opportunity to be in school.” Student athletes look more like athletes than student and while these “students” are attending the school they also represent it.
Students are representing the school and if the athletes make money for them, the schools should at least receive some of it. These college athletes attend tournaments and they all try to win it. It does not matter how far the team makes it, the team represents the school all the way. Attending these tournaments, the attention they receive and the money the team makes goes to the school and not a penny for the individual athlete. Some athletes are valued up to $1.4 million to the NCAA and the schools still don’t give the athletes a bit of money. Brill states,” A draft ready football player is worth $495,000 and a draft ready basketball player is worth $1.4 million the NCAA respectively.” The scholarships value the student athletes receive is nothing compared to what the athlete is worth to the school. Athletes deserve to receive some money for themselves.
College athletes should receive money for their efforts as an athlete. Whether it’s the money they make for the NCAA, the time they put into the sport or the strong representation they have for the school, all their efforts are worth some money for the individual college athlete. There is no point for all the debates on where the student athlete should receive some pay. It’s clear that college athletes should receive some money compensation. College athletes should start receiving the money they deserve.

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