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Athletes: Playing For Pay Essay

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Should professional athletes earn millions of dollars for playing a game? Athletes should not be making millions and millions of dollars while more important jobs earn significantly less. There are doctors who save lives daily and they do not even make a tenth of what some athletes make. It is crazy to believe that someone is really worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and all they have to do is play a sport; a sport that millions of people would play for free if given the chance.
Where does all of this money come from to pay these superstar athletes? It comes from the fans. The same fans that cry when their team loses, celebrates when they win and pay six dollars for a beer and seven dollars for a deluxe hot dog at their team’s game. Ticket prices continue to go up every year. How fair is it for the fans to pay at least $100 to go see a game and watch their favorite player jog out a ground ball or not play their hardest, or a player misses a game because they are “sick or injured.” If a hard working person missed a couple days a month because they were sick or hurt, they would be fired without a doubt. In the case of athletes, they go on a two week paid vacation, otherwise known as the 15-day disabled list.
How much money does someone really need to be able to eat daily, have a house, and provide for their family? All of this can be accomplished with an income between $40,000 and $50,000. The average American household generates roughly $51,000 (Noss). A person has to roughly work thirty years before they can retire, which nets them a career earnings of $1.53 million. Some people might not think that is terrible, but they have not looked at the income of a professional athlete. The average NBA player makes roughly $5.15 million a year (Doyle). An NBA player makes more in one year than the average American makes over their entire lifetime, which is mind boggling.
Let’s take a look at the numbers more in depth; NBA superstar Kobe Bryant earns roughly $37,000 per made basket (Doyle), which means that per basket he almost earns more than an entire years’ worth of work compared to a normal person. Drew Brees earns $410,000 per touchdown, which is almost a third of what an American worker makes over their lifetime (Doyle). A lot of the time, an athlete will say “it’s not about the money”. If it is not about the money, then why do players threaten to skip training camp or demand to be traded because they do not like their contract? Ty Law was once quoted saying he wanted more than the seven million he was guaranteed because he “has to eat” (Lefebrve). It is crazy to think that someone could be so selfish to old out of their contract because they need more than seven million dollars to eat.
The average physician makes roughly $191,000 a year, which is a tenth of what a professional athlete makes for playing a game ("Physician: Salary"). A doctor also has to go to college for four years, then turn around and go to medical school and pay hundreds...

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