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Aaron Harrison, guard for the University of Kentucky, made a contested 3 pointer with only 2.6 seconds left in the game to beat the #2 seed Michigan. The unexpected 75-72 victory took the Kentucky Wildcats, #8 seed, to the final four and was a victory en route to the national championship game that they ended up losing. For Harrison’s game-winner, Kentucky Athletic Director and basketball coaching staff made $329,166 in bonuses. This money is only a fraction of the revenue that was created for University of Kentucky throughout the tournament. These schools generate millions of dollars yearly, because they are playing in front of filled arenas on national television. The world of sports is very marketable and profitable, with some schools making more revenues than even professional teams.
Though it may appear that Harrison individually made over $300,000, he did not single handedly win the game. His shot was combined with long hours invested by everyone involved with the Kentucky athletics program. College athletes should not be paid, because they are simply exchanging their talents for a free college education. Essentially they are already being paid because they get everything provided for them. The experience of a college athlete is similar to that of an internship with no expense to the athlete. They attend school at no cost, while simultaneously being afforded with the best accommodations at their respective schools, and hone their skills with the assistance of coaches. College athletes also are awarded many material benefits, such as shoes and clothing. Following these students’ athletic careers, they are then able to play their respective sports professionally, continue their education or join the working force with their degrees that they have earned. All the while, they have gone through college with the best opportunities possible, giving them an unfair advantage on the regular students who attend the schools.
The opposition would mention the fact that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) made $10.6 billion from college athletics during 2012. The money being shared between universities when their games are televised also reaching record levels. Sports, like basketball and football, have coaches who are making millions of dollars in salary while the players are getting only a scholarship in compensation. Football players, such as Johnny Manziel, might be worth as much as $547,000, during the year 2011 to 2012 and basketball players like Andrew Wiggins could be worth as much as $1.6 billion (Koba). The same article, on, reports that college football teams such as Texas made nearly $100,000,000 in revenues with profits of nearly $70,000,000.
Above all, the idea of NCAA amateurism is an illusion to disguise the fact that thousands of athletes, who make billions of dollars, are being monopolized. Louisville basketball players produce an average of nearly $1 million, while being compensated...

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