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Athletes Vs. Physical Education Essay

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School sports have the same purpose as regular physical education classes; they both ensure to stay healthy and help students exercise. If thats the case, many student-athletes are wondering why they need a physical education class in high school. Student athletes should be exempt from physical education classes because less chance of injuries and instead have the choice to take other course electives.

Many student athletes including myself wonder why we have to take a P.E. class especially while in a sport. I believe the best choice for myself would to exempt P.E. from my school schedule and add another course elective or a study hall where I can get some of my homework done. This ...view middle of the document...

E. is not worth for student athletes because of risk for injuries.

In this situation students would need an alternate elective course to take instead of P.E. An academic class or even a study hall would benefit more than taking P.E. class. Study hall would benefit the student very well especially because students including myself are stressed out about having the time to finish homework and get better grades trying to juggle school and sports. In addition class sizes would be smaller which would benefit both gym teachers and non-athlete students in some ways. Smaller class sizes help the non-athletes learn more about fitness and staying healthy and have more one on one time with gym teachers. Amy Williams, a guidance counselor at Reynolds high school stated “Having athletes not present during gym gives the teacher more one on one time with other students, and they also don't have to worry about the students who complain and say, “We know how to do this already.” Exempting student athletes from P.E. can benefit the student athletes, non-student athletes and the P.E. teachers all in one (Athletes).

On the other hand some may argue if it is or not fair to other students for athletes to not have to take a P.E. class. Many might think it would be giving special treatment to athletes and discrimination against those who lack athletic ability (Barrientos). Billy Martin, a gym...

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