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Athletic Handbook For Haven High School

1628 words - 7 pages

Table of Contents

Welcome Letter
Parents’ Role
Athletic Eligibility
Athletic Attendance
Homework and School Expectations
College Planning and Exams
Athletic Scholarships
NCAA Recruiting Rules and Regulations
NCAA Requirements and Rules
Parental Assistance

Welcome Parents
From Coach Havens
Dear Parents and Guardians,
On behalf of the Athletic Department at Havens High School, I welcome you as parents to the 2013-2014 year. We look forward to another successful athletic year. With your help, hard work, and cooperation we look to continue this great athletic program. Out high school offer outstanding programs in academics and athletics. Please feel free to be involved in your childs’ school and contribute to their success.

The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with useful information on how you can assist your child in establishing their goals in high school and after. This handbook is used as a guideline and a resource for you as the parent to look back on.

My purpose here is to help every athlete here excel in their athletic ability as well as their academic abilities. By working together we will find the best interest of your child.


Luke Havens
Athletic Department
Havens High School

Parents’ Role
As a parent of a student athlete we ask that you stay involved with your child. Make sure he/she are actively and adequately spending time on homework at home. Hopefully you plan to make it to as many games as possible to show support to your child. I also ask that you volunteer to help out in the concession stand or in some other way to help out the program. The team will also be doing fundraisers and would surely appreciate the help. Your participation in your child's academics is just as important as their athletics. We ask that you put the same emphasis on school as you do athletics. With this support i have full confidence that your students will excel this year.

Athletic Eligibility
In order to be eligible to participate in FHSAA sporting events, a student-athlete must receive passing grades in at least 5 one credit classes. It is your child’s responsibility to make sure that he or she is eligible to participate in athletics.
At the conclusion of a course , all incompletes must be made up within two weeks. If an incomplete is not made up in the specific time than an “F” shall be recorded. This also means that no credit will be given for the class. If a student is to be removed from a class due to disciplinary issues they will automatically receive an “F” and not be able to participate in any athletic events.
Athletic Attendance
An athlete must be in school the day of practice or competition, from the beginning of the school day until 11:00 A.M. or arrive by 11:00 A.M....

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