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Athletic Trainer Essay

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An athletic trainer is a healthcare professional who works in the field of sports profession. People often confuse personal trainer with an athletic trainer but they are significantly different. A personal trainer works with an individual to help them gain a better physique and a better exterior but an athletic trainer is a healthcare professional who takes care of sports injury or athletic related injuries. They are one of the first healthcare providers on the scene when injuries occur whether in an official game or practice. Their duties and responsibilities include but not limited to treating injuries for people of all ages, apply protective or injury devices such as tapes, bandages, ...view middle of the document...

They enjoy the luxury of having on informal attire. Some has the freedom and the luxury to have on any type of clothing. An athletic trainer who specialize non sport related injuries has to conform to the attire rules of the facility or department they are working for as it dictates.
In order to become a certified athletic trainer, one have to go through an extensive schooling and one have to pass the varieties of rigorous board exams. To become an athletic trainer, one has to have a bachelor degree in an accredited program. One has to have a bachelor degree in health related field such as exercise science, physical education or athletic training. A bachelor degree from an accredited college or university is a requirement for almost all the jobs as an athletic trainer. Parts of the courses to take to attain the aforementioned are courses such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, as well as other science subjects. After that, an aspiring athletic trainer would have to pass licensure exams from board of certification for athletic trainers. A certified athletic trainer with bachelor degree can work anywhere including high schools, college sport teams, pro sport teams, sports arenas, etc. But since the field is so competitive, it’s not uncommon to see athletic trainers with advanced degrees. As a matter of fact, the latest statics done stated that about 70 percent of athletic trainers have masters degree. It significant improves ones chances of getting an affluent job and getting situated in a better working environment an better position in a workplace. It is highly recommended to seek a masters degree in the field. In order to have better job security and in order for one to secure better income, having a doctorate degree in the field is encouraged. Some of the top earners in the field have a doctorate degree in the field.
There are several opportunities in the athletic profession but it is determinant on experience, which employer one works for, whether one has the qualifications and certification, whether one has a bachelor or master or doctorate degree or all. All these factors contribute to the opportunities one is exposed to as an athletic trainer. Athletic trainers working for the major league sports and professional sport teams are the top earners in the field but it is the most competitive job in an already competitive field as there aren’t many open slots. It is very difficult to get a job with professional sport teams as there are only 5 percent of athletic trainers working for professional sport teams and only 13 percent working in fitness and recreational sports centers. So having a doctorate degree in the field is always a big advantage to have when trying to get an employment with a professional sport team. Also, having connections and knowing people in the management of the team one...

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