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Athletic Training: More Than Sports Essay

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Athletic Training: More than Sports
Athletic training involves examining, treating, and preventing injuries from physical activity (“What”).
To become an athletic trainer, one must have a good educational background, an interest in physical deficiency, and willingness to work with many types of people. This study examines how one becomes an athletic trainer. An athletic trainer needs to know the muscles in the body and how the muscles work, so, if an athlete does get hurt, an athletic trainer knows what to do and can make sure the muscle is in the right place and is working correctly. They also need to know whether or not an athlete is working out and taking care of his or her body in the right way so that does not cause injuries to an athlete.
This paper, written in the format of the Modern Language Association (MLA), discusses the education of an athletic trainer, the physical deficiencies of all kinds of athletes, and the personalities athletic trainers and athletes themselves have to deal with.
Education is the key aspect in beginning an athletic training career. Athletic training is a health profession dedicated to the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of injuries in physically active people. A athletic training student attends school for four years for a bachelor's degree but can go longer to obtain a higher degree. Many colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in athletic training (“Field”). After obtaining a bachelor's degree, most positions require that an applicant have a professional certification from the Board of Certification. Trainers are responsible for regulating coursework and the National Examination to become a Certified Athletic Trainer. Candidates must have an Athletic Training degree from an accredited four-year school. Certified Athletic Trainers are medical professionals. They are experts in injury prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation. Many position are only open to job candidates with a master's or doctoral degree (“What”). If trainers hold a master's degree, they are also able to teach classes at the collegiate level; this involves extra schooling of at least two years. With an athletic training degree, a person might find a job helping with athletes of all skill levels to help maximize the athlete's or person's performance, avoid injury, and treat already existing muscle or skeletal problems.
Athletic training students must take take coursework in statistics as a math class and also human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, sports psychology, and nutrition. Human Anatomy is the study of the human muscular, skeletal, and skeletal systems. Kinesiology is study of human movement; it shows how different types of exercises affect the body. Sports psychology is a class that examines how individuals' exercise practice can affect their health. Nutrition shows how food consumption affects the body and a person's overall health (“What”).
Other classes that students going into the profession...

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