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The Atlanta Public School system was involved in what some describe as one of the largest scandals in United States history. The scandal was uncovered by the Atlanta Journal – Constitution after research showed “statistically improbable increases” in test scores. A two-year investigation ensued and reviled test scores dating all the way back to 2005 were tampered with. In 2011 the investigation concluded 44 of the 56 schools examined were found cheating. The educators violated a numerous amount of code sections. Felonies, if found guilty are punishable by nothing less than five years, maximum twenty years. The number of educators with involvement in the scandal was astronomical. One-hundred and seventy eight educators helped orchestrate the plan to raise the CRCT test scores. CRCT stands for Criterion – Referenced Competency Test. This test is given to students from grades one through eight. The purpose of this test is to assess the students in areas such as reading, English, mathematics, social studies and science.
In effort to maintain high education standards and being labeled a “Distinguished School”, the educators decided the best plan of action would be to change the student’s answers, due to the fact the students were not preforming to the level needed to pass to the next grade. The No Child Left behind Act of 2001 set measurable goals to improve education. Sadly in this case the standards set by government did not help the students it did a horrible disservice to the students. The educators did not teach or tutor the students when they fell behind. Changing the scores of students whom did not grasp the information and just passing them on sets them up for epic failure.
The educators stated pressure came from the school system. The consequences for the students as a whole falling below minimums, were said to be massive. Threats of termination or negative evaluations fueled the unethical decision the educators made to change the test scores.
The person held with the majority of the blame was superintend Beverly Hall. Hall made superintend of the year in 2009 based on the faulty test scores. Hall and other educators also received a bonus from the deceitful actions. Initially Hall’s lawyer denied that Hall had any knowledge of the cheating scandal. However Hall was still indicted due to her role as superintend....

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