Atmi And High Productivity Development Essay

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ATMI and High Productivity Development
High Productivity Development capabilities—ATMI’s most important new product initiative—could have a profound effect on the future profitability of the semiconductor industry.
New Materials, New Processes…New Problems
Improved chip performance drives semiconductor industry growth, and new materials enable enhanced chip performance. Our analysis shows approximately 60 new materials must be developed—and integrated—for advanced device generations to succeed.

Simultaneously, the needs of the semiconductor materials markets are changing, moving toward smaller, custom products that are different for each customer’s processes. No company can practically afford to use traditional methods to develop all the required new materials. ATMI’s customers are rethinking how they conduct process development and how they integrate new materials into their chipmaking processes.
High Productivity Development: Faster, More Effective
For several years now, including during the 2009 downturn and into 2010, ATMI has been investing in the development of fast and cost-effective research and development capabilities that our competition cannot match. [not until they get IM machines and spend a few years learning how to use them productively]

We call it “High Productivity Development.”

By applying combinatorial science principles, ATMI is able to perform up to 192 different materials and process experiments on a single process wafer—dramatically increasing the time it used to take to complete the experiments and improving the quality of the results. Immediate device analytical and performance data quickly identify the most promising candidates. Critical process and device performance information are automatically added to our searchable data warehouse, ready to inform the next set of experiments or assist in the rapid development of the next customer solution. [I’ll let Jason confirm, but we have dealt for years with customers who are competitors, but still work with ATMI]

We have deployed our investment in High Productivity Development capabilities at...

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