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Publication: The Economic Times Mumbai;Date: Jan 7, 2011;Section: Corporate;Page: 5
Air India takes off on a major HR mission
Sets Up Panel To Prepare Ranks, Work & Wage Profile Of Over 30k Employees, Bid to Create Uniform Structure Anindya Upadhyay NEW DELHI
NATIONAL carrier Air India (AI) has set up a human resources' committee to prepare a document covering compensation, ranks and work profile by March-end as it attempts to integrate its 30,000-odd employees after the merger of AI and erstwhile Indian Airlines in 2007. "This will be a road map aimed at offering a uniform structure of wages, level mapping and productivity norms to all Air Indians. What we can assure is that there will be no monetary loss for anyone," a senior AI official told ET.
In addition to the 1200-crore equity infusion, the government gave its approval to the AI management to reduce its outgo on wages as part of the airline's turnaround plan. The airline plans to do so by having a single union agreement for its employees.
The airline will carry out this process in a very transparent manner as they will hold negotiations with union representatives starting April after the HR committee has prepared its report, the official said. The committee will comprise officials from AI's finance and human resource departments and representatives of unions. AI spokesperson confirmed the development but declined to divulge details.
Currently, the airline's employees are governed by 18 legacy agreements made with 14 workers associations, including Indian Commercial Pilots Association, Indian Pilots Guild, engineering staff, cabin crew and non- technical cadre to name a few. These agreements have different wage structures and career progression paths, which the airline wants to harmonise.
According to Aviation Industry Employees Guild (AIEG) general secretary George Abraham, unions will show support as long as they are consulted.
"When the merger happened we all knew that one day integration will take place. As of now, they haven't spoken to us on this but if they involve us, we will go with an open mind. If they call us to the negotiating table and do things in a transparent...

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