Atrocious Aftermath Of Bullying Essay

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Imagine you are on your way home to your sister’s “Sweet 16” birthday party. You brought her a secret present and are excited to show it to her. You walk into her room thrilled to “pop the surprise” and instead of her being joyfully surprised, you become depressed with sadness that she hung herself from the ceiling fan. These kinds of disparities happen often due to bullying. Bullying should be dealt with to avoid the negative and morose consequences that can affect an individual’s life.
Bullying should not be dealt with because a bully free society is not attainable. Some say that reaching a bully free society is not viable because to do so you must reach a “Utopia” which is “unrealistic ...view middle of the document...

Single-handedly, having a good parent influence along with rules is the most important regulation to prevent bullying. Bullying can happen in many ways, “studies show that those who experience early trauma are at much greater risk of becoming aggressive or even psychopathic later on, [eventually] bullying other children or being victimized by bullies themselves” (Szalavitz). Unfair treatment of one’s environment and surroundings turn an innocent child into an aggressive bully. In other words, bullies are not born, but raised from the experiences they faced during their childhood. Bullying can occur due to childhood neglect and the lack of empathy from an adult. If a child does not get these essential emotional supports, the child will likely become a bully or be the victim of bullying.
Bullying can have many consequences on an individual’s life affecting their personality and self-image. In Lord of the Flies the author has shown the consequences of Piggy’s constant bullying when Jack says to Piggy, “shut up Fatty” instead of using Piggy’s “real name” (Golding 21). The book displays that Piggy has been bullied because of his appearance. As a consequence of Piggy’s bullying he never defends himself and instead feels embarrassed, turns “very pink, [bows] his head, and [cleans] his glasses” (Golding 21). Bullying can either lead to anger and violence, or becoming anti-social and isolated from the society. “Children who suffer more-enduring abuse at home, for instance-are more likely to become bullies’. It’s not that they don’t know what it feels like to be hurt; it’s that they have learned that violence is the way to express anger or assert power” (Svalavitz). Contrasting to the previous, in Lord of the Flies, violent bullying affects others and can cause them to become bullies [Roger] or become anti-social [Piggy and Littluns]. The effect of bullying is not limited to just the victim. It can affect his...

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