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Attachment And Bonding As Important Developmental Processes

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Attachment and Bonding as Important Developmental Processes

Attachment and bonding are felt to be important developmental
processes because bonding and attachment are both stages of human
development, which are essential to a child's stable development as
they grow.

Babies bond in many different ways, mainly through touch and smell.
Bonding is the sense of connection between parents/main carer and the

Bonding is the basic link of trust between an infant and it's main
carer, which is usually the mother. Successful bonding results in an
infant developing basic trust in others. While bonding is about trust,
attachment is about affection. The quality of an infant's initial
attachment is really important because it influences some of the
important parts of development. Attachment and bonding play a vital
role in all of the following:

* Maintaining the bonds of trust.

* Attaining full physical, intellectual, emotional and social

* Acquiring a conscience.

* Developing relationships with others identity and self-esteem.

* Learning about feelings.

* Language development.

To help a child's development through attachment and bonding you could
do things such as holding, talking, singing, rocking and cuddling as
well as numerous other nurturing interactions. You could also

* Provide an infant with plenty of face-to-face interaction. Using
different facial expressions will help to improve an infant's
emotional development.

* Gentle kissing or stroking of an infants cheeks, shoulders, hands
and fingers will help to improve an infant's emotional development
and improve their sensory awareness.

* Talking and singing to an infant will help to strengthen the bond
between the infant and the main carer whilst the infant's language
is improving.

* Playing with an infant with toys will help an...

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