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Family life can sometimes be perceived as chaotic and unreasonable when faced with challenges. However, from a systems theory perspective, these erratic behaviors can often be explained by the interdependent workings of the family itself and reveal reason within chaos. Applying the attachment theory to this theory, an explanation for a child’s reactions within the situation and in the future can be attributed to the relationship between the caregiver and the child. When considering the day I left my mother’s drug use in Mississippi for my father’s family in Florida, it is difficult to see reason in why I eventually moved back to Mississippi. However, looking back at our first Florida family dinner and the conversations each Hollowell had to contribute, I notice how withdrawn I was from the varying degrees of support. By applying both the attachment and the systems theory I analyze not only my family but also myself and learn why I behave the way I do today.
My story begins in Mississippi and travels a total of 736 miles to the sunshine state of Florida. Living with my mother for twelve years I witnessed the entire cycle of a drug addict from usage to withdrawal to getting clean and eventually always relapsing. It was after two weeks of missing school and taking care of her newborn while she was with a boyfriend taking a Xanax vacation that I called my grandparents in Florida and asked them to come get me. Nine hours later they were there and nine hours more I was in my new home. That night we sat around the dining room table, my grandparents, my uncle, my father and myself, and had our first Hollowell family dinner. The concept of a family dinner was entirely new to me. Each member of the family had some variation of an explanation or a solution to offer in regards to my situation. My grandfather coddled me across the table saying how sorry he was I had to experience what I did. My grandmother furiously blamed my mother for my poor dental health and attributed her drug use to her immaturity and possible mental health issues. My uncle feverishly worked with my father to plan an entirely new life for me in their house from the color of my room to the school I would go to and every other aspect of home life that would surround me. All the while I sat in silence, occasionally nodding but internally hating the decision I made to ever pick up that phone. Later that night I heard them on the porch talking about my distanced behavior at dinner, attributing it to possible depression. Hearing that only made the distance grow and so it continued to the rest of the year until I finally made the decision a year later to move back to Mississippi to give my mother a second chance.
Applying the family systems theory to any interdependent unit can prove beneficial when analyzing behavior. They systems theory consists of interdependence, wholeness, patterns, punctuation, openness, complex relationships and equifinality. For the purpose of my paper I will be...

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