Attack Of The Sea Urchins And Other Things

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Oceans, the beautiful blue gems of our world, full of bountiful resources. Well, used to be before humans slowly over fished several fish and shellfish species. Over fishing like this causes many problems from ecological issues to social issues.
Americans are eating more fish, increasing the demand for fish. As shown by the department of agriculture’s Per Capita Consumption of Major Food Commodities: 1980 to 2010, the average person in 1980 ate 12.4 pounds of fish per year and increased to 15.8 in 2010 (Department). It doesn’t seem that much of an increase but if you would take into account the number of people in the US it’s a significant increase. This increase in demand causes an ...view middle of the document...

This shows the effects of fishing has on the surrounding population and how effective reserves are.
Because of over fishing, the US government has put heavy regulations on fishing. In Michael W. Robbins article "The Fate of the Ocean: The Catch." He interviews several boat owners who have to carry around briefcases filled with regulatory documents that can be as much as 4 inches thick for a single document. Not only is it complicatedly regulated, but the regulations change so often that it usually impossible for them to make business plans (Robbins 49+). Robbins also states that it’s a touchy and complex matter because they have to regulations that have to satisfy several of the commercial, social, political, and economical issues that people have (Robbins 49+). All of these things make fisherman’s jobs harder than it all ready is.
Not only can commercial fishing be a cause of over fishing, but surprisingly, recreational fishermen can also have an impact. As Warne Kennedy also showed in his article about the effects of only protecting the waters around Poor Knights Island from commercial fishing, and what happened was that populations of certain fish species became rare. One would think that people would notice but what happens is that they just accept the currant fish population as normal (Kennedy 70-89).

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