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September 11, 2001, a day that will be burned in the back of our minds for the rest of our lives. It was a day when all hell broke loose in New York City, and Washington D.C., and the worst possible things imaginable happened. When you left the house that morning, did you think that it would be an ordinary day? Probably, and so did 6,198 people who are now either confirmed dead or missing. The number might sound a little high but it is the truth, over 6,000 people are either missing or dead, when a group of terrorists rammed two planes into the WTC like a bull in a china shop, whereas nothing in the area is left whole. It was the beginning of a normal day in the life of the world's financial and business capitol. I got up out of bed as usual, showered, shaved, ate breakfast and kissed my wife and kids goodbye. It was 8:00 am and I was just leaving the house for the long daily hike towards the nearest subway station, almost 10 blocks south of home. At 8:30 am I stepped off the subway and into the Concourse level of World Trade Center 1, the North Tower. I got on the elevator and pressed the button for the 40th floor where my office was. Once I stepped off the elevator I went straight to my computer, logged onto the network and double clicked on Outlook Express to check my e-mail. As I double clicked on the first e-mail I felt a low rumble which quickly got louder and started shaking the building. All of a sudden it felt like the whole building shook, and the first thing that went through my mind was "What the hell was that?". At first I thought it might've been an earthquake so I looked out my window and I noticed the sheets of paper falling from above, and I saw the black, billowy smoke filling the sky. I then told everyone on my floor to get to the stairs and walk to the ground floor, something told me that we were in trouble and we had to get out now! The only person that couldn't get out was Betty, a paraplegic who was in a wheelchair, so I ran over to her picked her up out of the chair and started to carry her down forty floors. On the way down firefighters were passing me going up, wearing gas masks and extremely heavy equipment. One passed out on the way up, I could hear him as he fell but I kept going because I couldn't carry another person. I was so scared, not only for my life but also for Betty's and my other colleagues. Were we going to die that day or make it out alive? Outside was when the smell hit me. It was different than any I have ever observed before. It smelled like sulpher, burning paper and wood, and like death. Then I looked at my watch, 9:45 am, an hour after I started down the stairs. Immediately two paramedics ran over and took Betty out of my hands and escorted me to the nearest Triage center where they stitched up the cut on my head. That's when I saw my boss Sheila and I asked if Jim had gotten out. He worked for the accounting firm two floors above mine, and he was my best friend. Before she...

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