Attackers From Abovee Essay

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It’s the beginning of the 22nd century and it is also the beginning of the end. The only chance to save the world all relies on the shoulders of three kids. On specializes in math, another in science, and the final one is the master of phycology. Their names are; Amber, Peter, and Jack though don’t even know each other exist. Amber Anderson currently resides in Redmond, WA with her family. Her mom’s name is Amy White and her dads name is Joshua Anderson. She is a happy child that has a lot of friends and is fairly popular right now in the seventh grade, she does well in school and her best friend is Ash Miller. Peter on the other hand is 12 and he lives in the suburbs of Seattle in an ...view middle of the document...

“Dad, catch!” Amber yelled as she tossed a sparkler bomb in his direction. she heard a small almost inaudible scream then a series of loud pops and she knew she hit her target, but when she turned back the was a small bouncing sound, like plastic hitting the pavement. She screamed realizing what it was, a flying bee. She hated those, how they were so unpredictable and fast, almost impossible to evade
“Jesus!” Amber yelled when her friend Holden Russell came by with a handful of firecrackers.
“Amber! I-have-finally –figured- out if- when- I -firecracker –explodes- and –the- molecules -speed -up -if -it -creates -a -small implosion- or- vacuum,- which- in -turn -could -create -a -large -enough -implosion –it- could- suck -in –objects- like -a -mini -- -black- hole! Aannd- could -make –you- faint- because -the -lack -of -blood -to -the -brain -because -of –the- g’s- produced- by- a- black- hole!”

“Whoa, Holden slow down, there may be a small flaw in you calculation. A firecracker couldn’t create that big of a black hole, and if it could, do you think they would sell them on every corner store?”
“Probably not but it is still exhilarating, cuz a place like Redmond is so boring”
“And rainy since it is in Washington, but I like it here” said Amber
“Oh hi Ash! How are you today?” exclaimed Amber

“Good, I just cant wait until we set off our finale, the whole town will see it!”
“Oh yeah? I have a firework so big it will blow your pants off!” Exclaimed Holden proudly, but Ash and Amber just stared at him, then looked at each other and burst out laughing.
“Whats so funny?” yelled Holden getting frustrated that they were laughing at him.
“Nothing, but I just wanted to say hi, I should probably get back to the house, look for the huge finale” She said as she jogged down the street”
“Dang, she’s hot” whispered Holden
“Huh? Did you say something?”
“Okay then, I should probably go too, see ya later”
Amber walked back to her house and opened the door to see a birthday cake on the table, here eyes filled up with tears, she just couldn’t believe how much her parents must care about her, the room looked amazing and all of her most enjoyable and favorite friends were there. It was the first real birthday that was thrown for her. Normally it was just something small because she didn’t want to have her parents go to all of the trouble of doing everything.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Everyone cheered
The smell of the creamy frosting reached her nose and the creamy vanilla scented aroma made her mouth water.
“Your finally 13, but lets have some cake, There are 15 people here, each slice of this cake is going to be about pi*r2*5/15…………….10.0cm2” muttered her mom under her breath (By the way she is also a math genius). She cut up the cake into 15 equal slices each person had 1/15 of the cake, including sparky who loved vanilla cake, but he cant eat it often because he starts to roll around on it after...

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