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This assignment provides an in-depth evaluation, analysis and conclusions on social enterprise. It highlight the importance of social enterprise and also the strengths and weaknesses of public sector, private sector and social enterprise in delivering social services. Social enterprise provide services to everyone that is either not available through government because it is less important or too expensive for government to provide. It offers an additional services that firms or government failed to provide. This assignment produced an a brief in-sight in social enterprise.

Social Enterprise

Firstly we look at the definition of social enterprise. ''Social Enterprises are organisations or businesses set up to tackle social, economic or environmental issues driven primarily by social and/or environmental motives, they engage in trading or commercial activities to pursue these objectives and produce social and community gain. There are lot more to social enterprise which I will discuss in this report ''.

Number of Social enterprise in Ireland
''In 2009, there were 1,420 social enterprises, employing over 25,000 people, with a total income of around €1.4 billion. These numbers are expected to grow over the coming years with an estimated number of at least 65,000 people working for social enterprises in Ireland by 2020 under Europe 2020 Strategy''.
Social enterprise continues to thrive even when the recession hits Ireland because unlike other firms and businesses, social enterprise provide an additional services that the government nor trading firms could not provide for the general public mostly for the poor and needy and for the disadvantaged.
According to the research by Forfás, ''Some 25,000 more jobs could be created in Ireland’s social enterprise sector by 2020'' .

There are so many ways social enterprise is beneficially in our lives. Programs like the Community Employment Scheme and JobBridge Scheme are part of social enterprise; ''these provide training and work experience for the long term unemployed and other disadvantaged groups. The aim is to assist these groups to re-enter the labour market through the provision of paid work together with high quality training, personal development and active job-seeking ''

Jobs for the vulnerable for example - people out of work for a long time eg
Another great example of social enterprise is the ability to support, train and employ people that have been out of work for a long period of time which makes them almost unemployable by the firms and businesses in Ireland. People of disadvantaged background and disabilities are prone to discrimination from businesses

Social enterprise provide services to everyone that is either not available through government because it is less important or too expensive for government to provide. They provide additional services that firms or government failed to provide. Advantages of social enterprise is that profits generated by the...

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