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Achieving The Value Added Organization Essay

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Project Title : Achieving the Value-Added OrganizationTable of Contents1. Abstract2. Introduction3. Methodology / Procedure4. Definition4.1 What is Value-Added?4.2 How is it measured?5. Why is Value-Added important to Organization6. Characteristics of an Value-Added Organization7. Techniques for a value-added organization8. Crafting a Strategy to Create and Capture Value (focus on human resource issues)Overview ?6.1 It Begins with Leadership- Strategic Thinking / Navigating with Vision- Connect people with value creation- Changing Organizational Architecture to Create Value- Decision Authority, the Level of Empowerment, and Centralization vs Decentralization6.2 Developing an Engaged Workforce6.3 Initiating, Motivating, and Managing Change6.4 Knowledge and Incentive in Organizations6.5 Performance Evaluation6.6 Compensation Structure6.7 The Process of Management Innovation.6.8 Capturing the Value Created9. Challenges / Conclusion(Cracking the value code) - Part III page xx(Cracking the value code) - Part III page xx10. AppendixINTRODUCTIONThe global business environment is changing faster than ever. We are living in an era where businesses constantly need to reshape their ideas merely to survive. But to achieve sustained success it is not sufficient merely to manage existing operations better: businesses need to do things radically different to secure a competitive advantageAt the most fundamental level of competitiveness are the equalizers. Companies want to be as good as everyone else. They seek ways to close the gap between themselves and everyone else in the industry. Equalizers have a lot of catching up to do. The next level of competitors are the differentiators. They want to be better than the rest of the pack. They seek ways to expand the gap between themselves and everyone else in the industry. The highest level competitor is the value added peak competitor. These organizations march to a different drumbeat. They are not focused on the gap between themselves and the competition, they concentrate instead on bridging the gap between potential and reality.Value added companies embrace and execute the value added philosophy. They expect the best from themselves, which enables them to maximize the value they bring to the table for their customers. These companies have a positive addiction to excellence and a desperate curiosity about their potential. They have discovered that their employees are their single, unique dimension of value.The objective of this report is to outline one of the key factors in achieving the value-added organization - The Human Resource.METHODOLOGY / PROCEDUREThe report begins with a definition of value added and the characteristic of a value added organization. It then discusses why Value-added is important to the organizations and how firms create value by appropriately linking firm's strategy with its organizational architecture, highlighting various aspects of HR issues.WHAT IS VALUE ADDED ?Adding value is the...

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