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Attempts To Legalize Marijuana In Missouri

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Carson Pedroli
Mrs. Fruhwirth
English II-block 3
25 February 2014

Trying to Legalize Marijuana in Missouri
By: Carson Pedroli

For quite some time people have been trying to legalize Pot in Missouri. Marijuana is from the plant called “Indian Hemp Plant” people actually consume the seeds, flowers and leaves from the plant. On the street, it is called by many other names, such as Dope, Hemp, Weed, Grass, Pot, and Mary Jane. I feel like this would become a huge issue in Missouri, bringing laziness and workers who don't work hard. Also it would be bad for the public. Marijuana can ruin your chances to get a job and put a huge negative impact in your kids’ lives. The short and long term effects of marijuana include impaired vision, time perception and sensory, difficulty with thinking, concentrating and problem solving; shortened attention span, decreased alertness, impaired learning and memory, and euphoria. Additionally, marijuana use can lead to disturbed thoughts and can worsen psychotic symptoms in schizophrenics. Long term and short term users often experience lower motivation, and some experience panic attacks, respiratory problems, increased rate of the heart and risk of heart attack. When withdrawing from the drug, chronic users typically experience irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety, impaired appetite, and aggression. Marijuana causes serious health problems, THC which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol which is the main ingredient in marijuana, That’s the part of the weed that gives you the high you want. The effects of the high are, bright colorful hallucinations and lots of laughter, but after the high comes a wave of anxiety, fear and depression. And memory can be affected permanently. Marijuana ruins your sexual life, men who consume a lot of marijuana regularly can experience impotence as well as infertility and studies have found a link between marijuana use and an aggressive form of testicular cancer in younger and older men. Bad breath is another factor of smoking Weed. Also smoking marijuana could ruin your future by not letting you a job and get in a good school. There is a reason weed addicts are sometimes called potheads, the drug sucks the life out of people. Those who use it regularly are more likely to drop out of High School, quit their jobs, have accidents, lose interest in life and feel not motivated to do anything. Some studies also have linked pot to suicidal thoughts. The NIDA notes that marijuana use can result in a 40% increased risk of getting psychosis, and the drug also can lead to Anxiety and Depression. Marijuana can ruin your kids’ lives. There has been an 80% increase in Weed use among teens since 2008. Do you want your teens to be making great grades for their education? You should need to know that studies have proved that teens who smoked pot regularly lost as much as eight points in their intelligence...

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