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The River Severn, Alfred H. Vickers, Oil on Canvas, owned by they Amarillo Museum of Art given by Marilyn Seven and Ray Matney. The painting uses a luminism artistic style that is defined by “a 19th-century painting style emphasizing a unique clarity of light. . . . almost always landscapes or seascapes. . .” After reviewing Mr. Vickers’ other work, he is definitely a realist artist with many works that portray accurate size, color, and depictions of landscapes.
Mr. Vickers created this work by using oil paint on a canvas. His strokes follow the luminist style of hidden strokes with mixed hues. The subject is stated obviously in the title as the work is about the serene and beautiful ...view middle of the document...

The second characteristic with line as an edge is very blurred. All lines seem to mesh together gently with very little difference. The third characteristic of implication is present along the closest bank. The final characteristic is a curved line. The individual shapes of things in multiples within the painting are detectable, but not defined. The form of things run together to make a very realistic scene. As if you were standing on the bank, looking into the distance, the trees that are further away begin to lessen in detail, and press together. The water, as it goes further into the frame, becomes less defined with no more visible ripples or movement.
The texture is rather flat for the subject. With a very two dimensional take, it makes the realistic art work a bit further from its goal of being believable.
The colors chosen for this piece were very specific to represent what it would look like as an actual scene. The colors in the water and grass, are light pastel colors with the main hues being green and blue. The values within the focus of the art is very high and lowers around the sides to bring more focus to the center water. All hues of the work are mixed just as the are in life. Grey is used to shade and lessen the value of anything around the outside of the focal point. Oil paints were a very vital choice for this piece as it allows for so many more colors that would not be an option with other mediums.
The asymmetry present...

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