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Why Attending Albany State was the Right Choice for me.All of my life I was told that college was my only option after I graduated fromhigh school. My mother as well as most of my Family, planted college in my head ata very young age. I had the typical plan to go to college, get a high paying job, getmarried to the woman of my dreams, and have children. That seemed to beeveryone's dream, unless it was being a famous sports player, movie star, or singer.Now do not get me wrong, of course I want to be famous, but I know that thechances of that happening are extremely slim. As I got older, I started to thinkthat maybe I do not need to go to college to get a good job. As expected, Ilearned very quickly that college is and always will be the best option. Albany StateUniversity is the right choice for me because it will contribute to my goals ofSupporting my family and myself, having the dream job I have always wanted, to beeducated, and be able to help educate others.Albany State University's proximity to Albany is important to me because I wish toremain close to my elderly mom. I am excited to be able to immerse myself in thecollege of Health Profession, department of Nursing while being close to mymother. My mother raised five boys as a single mom and has always provided uswith all our needs and most of our wants. For this reason it is important to me toobtain my degree so that I can make her golden years very special to her.Having being out of school for twenty none years, I wanted to attend a college thatnon-traditional friendly. Albany State University staffed with a team ofprofessors that are willing to help you with your one on one academic needs whichis...

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